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Benefits of investing in iposture

benefits of investing in iposture

Sitting or standing or walking in the right position ensures that our body functions adequately. Now it's our turn.. Just think whether we want. What are the benefits you will gain from finishing this piece of writing sometimes known as the iPosture (you use it when you're hunched. Thanks to improvements in medicine, more of us are living longer. That makes we have a heightened investment in making sure our brains stay. RICH DAD GUIDE TO INVESTING PDF

If you're telling a sad story, your body is doing what it does when it feels sad. When we're not present, we're trying to manage the impression that we're making on other people. And what happens is that our body language doesn't really match our words perfectly. You look a little discombobulated. And it's because we're trying to manage all these different things: the words and the body language.

Our body language is made up of many different parts: your tone of voice, your facial expressions, your hand movements, your posture. You can't manage all of those. Some people can make it look harmonious, but it's like trying to move a car by moving each wheel separately instead of driving. When you're present, you're not having to do that, you're being yourself.

It's a very different approach. I was intrigued by this statement in your book: "Presence stems from believing your own stories. This is not about making up a story and convincing yourself it's true. It's about believing in the things that are true and real, and that you care about. What happens often is that when we get to [a] stressful situation, we suddenly start questioning our story, the things that we believe in, because we're full of self-doubt.

That actually has nothing at all to do with the validity of our story, with our knowledge. That only has to do with our emotions, the fear of being judged and being ostracized. I think it's a self-doubt that is not grounded in reality. But, when we believe our story, we're able to share what we know—and what we know to be true about ourselves—about whatever it is we're pitching, whether it's about our business or about our research.

Whatever it is we're pitching, we're able to present that in a way that is grounded with a sense of self-trust and not self-doubt. We believe in the validity of it. That's important. It's not about making up a story and then convincing yourself it's true. You can't really do that.

Very, very few people can do that. I don't know why, but I think adults are so worried about people lying—they're vigilant to look out for liars and cheats. But many more people in the world are not lying and cheating; they're actually sort of underrepresenting themselves and their knowledge.

They're mistakenly self-doubting when they should feel comfortable sharing their story. So much of the mind-body connection is about really understanding what your body does. Pay attention to your body. Keep in mind when you go into these situations, your body is sort of responding as if you're in a really threatening physical situation.

Your body is going into fight-or-flight mode, and that's not adaptive to the actual circumstances that you're in. It would be if you're running from a predator that's about to pounce on you, but you're not. So first notice that your body is actually overreacting.

Your nervous system is overreacting. That's not uncommon, but that's not helping you. You were wired to respond that way if a tiger was chasing you, not if you're about to go in and give a pitch that you might not do too well at. So just knowing that helps. The second thing is to start paying attention to when your body language starts to collapse. For example, paying attention to when you start to wrap yourself up, or when your shoulders start to collapse.

Also, notice when those things happen [in your life] so you can identify your triggers. Ask yourself, what are the things that make me feel particularly powerless? Then, when you can identify that, you have a lot more control over it. These benefits last a lifetime. Sports like baseball, softball, lacrosse, and hockey are not only physical sports but they are specifically sports that emphasis chess like thinking and rapid hand-eye coordination.

Football and ice hockey are collision sports with higher physical, risk but encompass personal sacrifice and team concepts. Track and field can be wide ranging in physical development for strength, speed, endurance, sacrifice and dedication.

These are a few examples of the attributes of various sports. Lets use a high school boy as an example. He competes in Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse. This combination has blended multiple team sports with a high degree of hand-eye coordination and physical conditioning for his entire body.

Had he specialized he would not have had the benefits and experiences from different situations. Multisport athletes display improved health and wellness including decreased injury rates, improved athletic performance master alternative activities faster than single sport athletes , improved leadership skills and teamwork, have better attendance in school and perform better academically. Most young athletes begin to specialize when it is too early to tell.

Generally speaking each athlete should be looked at individually. Certain sports have times when decisions may need to be made to provide the best opportunity for the athlete to succeed. As an example, overly aggressive club coaches promising Olympic dreams at a very young age unfortunately often fuel sports like gymnastics. Specializing too early often results in burnout.

Athletes give up before their time because they get exposed to too much too soon. Lack of interest in a sport is a hint to parents that the interest maybe elsewhere. Parents should always remember to encourage participation, but never force participation.

Ask your son or daughter what their goals are. You may find out that they are different than originally thought. The research shows that there are several benefits to multisport participation. Unfortunately society has all but eliminated the three-sport athlete from our vocabulary. This has been done for the sake of either winning a championship at 10 years old or beating the Chinese on a standardized test at 14 years old. Somewhere out there is the next Vincent Edward Jackson.

Benefits of investing in iposture social impact investing bank of america benefits of investing in iposture

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