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Sports betting probability theory pdf

sports betting probability theory pdf

great addition to any football betting strategy. Lets look at how probability theory and statistics can help with correct score betting. In games of pure chance, each instance is a completely independent one; that is, each play has the same probability as each of the others of producing a given. Keywords NHL, sports betting markets, odds movement, betting strategy, academic literature with the help of Expected Utility Theory (EUT). BETTING PICKS REDDIT

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If tails fell seven times in a row, what is the probability of tipping for the eighth time? This contradicts the intuitive perception of the situation, but the chances are 50 to This phenomenon is called a false Monte Carlo output. Principles of the formation of odds and value Bookmakers determine the probability of outcomes and translate it into odds, but before there is a list available for betting with different options, two more operations are performed: Setting a margin.

Everyone knows that bookmakers are consistently making a profit due to the additional probability percentage — margin. As for a tail and eagle, we said that odds for each outcome should be 2. But in reality, such quotes are nowhere to be found, because after adding a margin, odds for equal chances will be from 1. The change in odds according to the expected proportions of bets from players. In fact, it is more important for bookmakers to predict what the majority will bet, and not to correctly assess odds.

If the probability of Home in a Chelsea-Burnley match after taking into account the margin is equal to the odds 1. At the expense of margin, bookmakers have an advantage over players, as everyone knows. If you bet on the loss of an eagle and tails by the odds of 1. But there is an opportunity not only to level this superiority of bookmakers, but also to get an advantage.

To do this, you need to bet on the value — bets with a margin, outcomes with inflated odds. A conditional example: bets on eagles are accepted with odds of 1. The odds were and remain 50 to 50, but the odds 2. Of course, you need to tackle 2. How to calculate the probability of an event? If, when playing in a casino, for example, roulette, the probability of a particular result is always known, then in betting on sports you can never calculate the exact probability.

And, actually, for this reason betting compares favorably with the casino. You can always find bets that are more likely to be set by the bookmaker. How to do it? By betting on inflated odds, the player gets an advantage over the bookmaker. There is no developed method for calculating the probability that would most accurately determine the odds. This is impossible because of the impact on the result of many factors, the unpredictability of sport in general.

For example, programs or formulas where you could enter data and get an approximate result. However, the known algorithm of actions to determine the probability of outcomes. Consider its stages. The study of statistics By itself, the statistics do not allow to get even an approximate probability. Recall the probability theory, which states that previous events do not affect the probability of future ones. But statistics serves as a starting point, a base, because you need to push off for some reason.

The influence of factors Having determined the initial probability using statistics, then we should analyze the match, taking into account as many factors as possible. Consequently, after studying the influence of each of them, corrections are made in the calculated probabilities. It is at the second stage that everything depends on how well the player understands the kind of sport he bets on.

No matter how much one wants to understand and structure everything, it is impossible to accurately calculate the odds and determine how a particular factor affects the probability. For each sporting event, a situational approach is needed. Example of determining the probability of outcomes Fix the material of the previous paragraph by example. We will evaluate the Arsenal-Liverpool match and study the main line. Of course, this is reckless, but there are similarities between the two concepts.

Because in both cases, completely random combinations take place. Which begs the question, how can this be used in betting? Probability theory in sports betting is a kind of basis, which directly builds its position in the betting business. Almost all bookmakers are trying to set high rates of margin, because of this they get extra income, regardless of the overall result of sports disciplines.

Different bookmaker quotes are usually set based on the probability of a particular outcome. If they are calculated incorrectly, the bookmaker will accordingly incur heavy losses. To somehow recognize and understand what the probability percentage of events will be, you have to divide the hundred percent outcome by the total betting odds, the result of the events.

For example, in the UEFA Super Cup tournament, the probability of Liverpool winning was estimated, it was also set the time with a total of 1. If we divide this quote and then translate all the percentages, the probability of winning will be about This is the probability of getting a draw result.

Usually, the maximum percentage of possible events is If you add up all the results and subtract , you get the basic betting income, which the bookie usually lays on the main event market in this tournament: Translating all statistics in the form of numbers and conducting a thorough mathematical analysis of the future deal, the following quite attractive odds can be highlighted: Total number of shots against the goal post; The average including corner kicks; A certain percentage of goals from the number of attacks taken; The total number of fouls, as well as yellow and red cards shown; The form of the club or a specific athlete and so on.

Most betting users think that the theory of probability practically does not work on sports disciplines, because the overall result of a sports match is directly affected by many different random variables, especially a lot that depends only on the human factor. Of course, the outcome of the match always depends on various factors and accidents, and to say that you can only know about something in advance and get the result prevents only logical thinking. But this does not prevent the mathematical canons from working, in addition, the theory of probability exists despite certain circumstances, which is the basis in betting.

It is not necessary to make accurate conclusions about the profitability of bets on the distance or choose other conditional attempts. It is because of the variance, the overall result at a certain distance can be very different from the specified point on a short stretch. The higher the overall odds are, the higher the dispersion will be.

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