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Is ethereum dead december 2018

is ethereum dead december 2018

's proposed 20% in-protocol treasury, which led to IOHK withdrawing from the ETC community for the second time. The first time was in December , again after. Bitcoin has been declared “dead” in mainstream media times. The two largest cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, both have suffered a. And all major cryptos have seen them at one point or another. Bitcoin, for example, saw several in , as prices fell from $13, at the. METRA ETHEREAL

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You can still go on Coinbase and purchase Ethereum. It has a high trading volume, a sizable market cap, and a handful of legitimate ICOs each year. That said, if you use as your base year, then Ethereum would certainly appear dead. But that would be an unfair comparison as was an anomaly.

Anyway, we prefer saying that Ethereum is in a rut as it searches for the next major craze. The evidence indicates that there will be at least one more Ethereum craze before the proof of stake structure completely takes over Ethereum. DeFi Decentralized finance to the rescue? Decentralized currency is the newest aspect of Ethereum. Huge enough that it will disrupt Ethereum in a very positive way.

The interesting part about DeFi, however, is that it allows users to invest their cryptocurrency in the blockchain with little to no risk. It has all the benefits of an ICO without all the regulations. Users can invest capital into Ethereum without the anti-money laundering, know your investor, and know your creditor rules that brought the ICO phase to an abrupt end.

For an example, we decided to invest some Ethereum into one of the top DeFi platforms on Ether — Compound. The entire process took about 5 minutes. No ID, name, email, tax returns, or other personal information required. It almost seems too good to be true.

Not many places. Now, are we saying that DeFi will bring Ethereum to the mainstream? Quite frankly, Ethereum will still struggle with staying relevant as it moves to a proof of stake model. Final Thoughts To answer the question, Ethereum is not dead. The emergence of DeFi will likely bring Ethereum back from near death. In fact, DeFi might prove to be a bigger craze than the ICO craze that first brought Ethereum to our attention back in Despite the recent bear market conditions, this trend will continue next year.

We may even see a player like Fidelity including cryptocurrencies as a k investment offering. Additionally, whereas most stablecoin efforts were concentrated in the U. Despite the falling prices, plenty of household names started getting interested in blockchain tech and will continue to do so. Respected brands like IBM, Walmart, and Kodak partnered with some of the best minds in blockchain to bring transparency to supply chain and intellectual property protection, to name a few industries.

Meanwhile, institutional heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and Fidelity opened dedicated crypto desks — signaling that, speculation aside, crypto and blockchain are a long-term play, and everyone is paying attention. The crypto speculation bubble that popped in was a blessing in disguise.

It caused the craze to fade into the background, which will pave the way for real-world blockchain applications to come to the fore in Raising bucketloads of startup cash will no longer be as easy as presenting a white paper and an idea.

Despite the market downturn, was the year where mainstream adoption of crypto began to gain steam. I believe will be a major step forward, with a huge player coming out and embracing crypto, such as a payment company accepting crypto, pushing adoption by the public into the mainstream.

Gone are the days of companies with just a white paper and a dream. However, the claim that Bitcoin is dead is a laughable one. These are exciting to watch and have been making significant developments. The Takeaway So there you have it.

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is ethereum dead december 2018


Ethereum is a distributed computing platform that many crypto tokens and crypto products in general are built on. ETH is the 2 token by market cap and a popular trading pair on alt exchanges. Meanwhile the Ethereum network is the top network for ICOs and DApps distributed applications and was essentially the first-to-market when it came to general purpose distributed computing systems other examples of distributed computing systems are EOS and TRON.

Put all that together, and you can generally understand why ETH gets the top value by market cap right under Bitcoin. Now onto price history and current challenges. First off, from a zoomed out historic point of view, Ethereum tends to make crazy headway against the dollar and Bitcoin and then fall back down again on its rainbow unicorn face, but in doing so tends to make solid gains over time essentially not much different from other coins, aside from the consistency and growth Ether excels at.

That is somewhere between a x and x return. Now, why did it pull back each time? It is no surprise it is struggling in this environment, all cryptos are essentially. Crypto market cycles are a thing too. The users and investors seem to be dropping down the usage of Ethereum these days, as better alternatives have been provided. The EOS is one of the best competitors for Ethereum, which effectively works on the scalability issue that the Ethereum network is incapable of.

The scalability bottleneck was witnessed by the cryptocurrency community when the popularity of Crypto kitties had blocked the entire network. It has been concluded by various experts, that the actual value proposition of Ether has no room in the Ethereum network.

Also, the gas price concept of the Ethereum network is doomed to be unnecessary. Reasons why Ether adds complexities It must also be noted down that we incorporation of ether for Ethereum network has a lot of the technical implications. The cryptocurrency wallet and accounts must be designed in such a way that, the accommodate both Ether, as well as, the ERC20 protocol powered tokens.

This is the case, as Ether is the native currency and the other ERC20 based tokens are different from it. In brief, the Ethereum network has no future, as even the prices have been continuously plummeting. Various inabilities of Ethereum As the Ethereum network is slow, the decentralized applications which need faster transactional capabilities, would opt for the EOS blockchain platform and also the existing decentralized applications would quickly switch to EOS.

Even the number of hacks and frauds have been increasing, in the Ethereum community.

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