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Crypto coin research

crypto coin research

There are positive signals for crypto as Bitcoin closed September with only a 3% drop, while venture capital was up % and security token volume was up Our latest news, insights and research The Fundamental Investment Case for Bitcoin. back. Tactical InvestmentBlockchainCoinShares PhysicalFundamentals. Decentralized digital assets, currencies, and tokens have garnered attention from academics and practitioners in nearly every scholarly discipline. WIN OR LOSE SPORTS BETTING

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Often times I find stuff the news sites have totally missed, which is why this tool comes in handy. Or did you know that Stacks is getting a significant upgrade? We all know how lucrative airdrops can be. Image via Coinmarketcal. Then lastly for those who like to trade. Looking here for potential big events can provide some good trading opportunities. This voting system also allows CoinMarketCal to sort the hot picks from others and it makes it easier for you to find interesting opportunities.

Coin Metrics is best known for their accurate and up to date on-chain data with over metrics and supported cryptocurrencies. Now what I do have to say is that this tool feels kind of aimed at more experienced people. The site is stylish and simple but I get a sense that Coin Metrics aims more for institutional clients. Definitely worth checking out. Image via Coin Metrics. That said, Coin Metrics is still a great site which is why I have listed it here although my personal preferences are for other sites.

These are useful since they provide you with important data while teaching you how to do the analysis yourself next time. They usually sum up each quarter with different charts showing a variety of useful statistics. On top of that they also sum up each week in shorter reports which are worth checking out. LunarCrush Hopefully you read the piece on sentiment analysis on Coin Bureau a few weeks ago, if you did you should be familiar with LunarCrush.

LunarCrush is a sentiment analysis tool that gives you all the essential information when it comes to public perception of a crypto. LunarCrush has two custom scores called AltRank and Galaxy score. Images via LumarCrush. Then you can look at the statistics for yourself and make your own analysis. One thing I like to look at is the total social volume and how much of that is bullish versus bearish.

Looking at this as well as seeing how they develop along with the price might help you determine where a crypto is going. One thing I found that could present trading opportunities was looking at the bullish sentiment alone. There were many places in the last 3 months when an uptick in bullish sentiment was followed by an uptick in the price. However, I did not find any definite correlation and you could just as well have lost money trading.

But if someone else wants to dig deeper into this I think there might be some possibilities in this. The problem with doing more thorough analysis with LunarCrush is that you need to pay for access to more data. Without paying you will get a maximum of 3 months charts and no charts for the Altrank or Galaxy Score, only the values. This makes it harder to analyze the long-term trends. The problem with this system is that the Lunr token has been in a constant downtrend in the last 3 months which means that if it continues you can get the levels a lot cheaper in the future.

While this is a place where you could find tradable assets and maybe even hidden gems there are a lot of scams. You should be aware that many meme projects use lots of bots and money to grow the awareness around their project. I have no idea what it is or what it does but the name itself should ring some warning bells that tell you to do additional research.

Here you can do similar social analysis on over cryptos. You can also include data like market cap, volume and even some on-chain analysis. This is a great tool to study individual cryptos. Sanbase Studio is what features all the charts. Image via Santiment. On top of that they offer great market insights that again, like Glassnode, offer both valuable information as well as context around the metrics found on the site. What I found is that they are quite active and tend to cover trending cryptos.

One of their recent analyses is on Basic Attention Token December that you might have noticed has had a good run lately. I found it quite interesting. On top of this, Santiment has its own academy where you can learn lots about Santiment and the markets in general. Then, on top of these two tools Santiment offers a screener tool.

SanAPI is, however, meant for developers and not retail users. Staking these tokens will also unveil more possibilities which of one is SanR. Take a look at this. Image via Santiment SanR This is a decentralized market of trading signals. Here anyone that stakes 50 SAN can upload signals on where a cryptos price is headed. These positions will close in two weeks and the top performances in percentage terms will be awarded. Other use cases for SanR are to look at the consistent top performers and maybe follow what they do.

Santiment also has plans to make the ecosystem even larger and greater by incorporating the SAN tokens. Coinglass Former Bybt Most of you might know this by its former name Bybt. Coinglass is a derivatives data tool and regardless of the name offers some valuable insights. Most of the data here is useful for getting a sense of the market sentiment.

From here you get a good view of what the sentiment around a crypto is. Another thing here is that you can adjust the time frame to as narrow as 5 minutes and this might help you spot the local top. Looking back the next day I was right.

Now whether you should be getting your Bitcoin exposure through these is another question and you can find the answer to that in this Coin Bureau article. Image via Coinglass. I use this source to learn more about new cryptocurrencies as well as understand the general market sentiment. Focus only on the most important Facebook groups to get the majority of information.

Chances are, the answer to your question is already there. Twitter I use Twitter to better understand the sentiment surrounding certain cryptocurrencies as well as the market in total. Here, in contrast to Facebook, I believe that you should follow a lot of different people that are experts in their field.

Follow financial analysts, researchers, accredited investors, and popular traders. Then, follow some crypto-celebrities as well. You never know who the next John McAffee will be. Then, build up your list around them based on the cryptocurrencies that interest you. Try to apply the same principle for other coins that interest you. Look for people who are very much invested in a certain altcoin.

If you manage to act upon news when they are still rumors, you will make great profits. In most cases, you will be able to contact them directly. Telegram This messaging platform is great when it comes to updates, trends and market sentiment analysis. With some experience, it will be very easy to spot which groups are legit and which are infested with fake followers and bots.

Even if you join a legit group though, things can get very noisy and you should take your observations with a grain of salt. I like to follow groups that support a cryptocurrency and observe the overall mood: If people are too optimistic without logical reasoning, I will assume that a cryptocurrency may rely on marketing instead of the actual product.

In this case, it is not worth investing in for the long term. If the general mood is negative, I will analyze the reasons behind it as well. If I find that the mood is profit-driven, I may consider checking other metrics before I make my choice. Good signs include groups that have managed to grow their Telegram account without using any sort of bounty or affiliate reward system and one where members are active.

Bonus points go to groups that have their own dedicated moderators. Start by following the official channel and group of the coin that interests you and try to extract information based on the three points above. Youtube Unfortunately, Youtube has been poisoned with affiliate marketers. This, of course, is not a good thing, since platforms like Bitconnect took advantage of it. This resulted in prominent crypto-YouTubers promoting coins they did not even believe in, just so they could make some money on the back of their followers.

To be honest, when I think of how to research cryptocurrency in the best way possible, I prefer to stay away from Youtube. Method 2: Analyzing upcoming events Social media is a small piece of the puzzle. As with everything, you will need to get a global viewpoint. In this case, upcoming events can be a great information point, especially if you are able to identify how similar events worked in the past. For example, I am personally very keen on getting more information on the future plans of Ethereum.

Based on the image above, Ethereum will upgrade to Ethereum 2. I am assuming that many people will want to hit that threshold and buy more of the cryptocurrency in order to create a source of passive income. Again, this is an assumption, but it is certainly worth exploring further. You can do the same type of search for any coin that interests you and write down the dates of the event itself.

This will help you make better short-term predictions. In most cases, new coins are simply trying to do what existing coins are already doing, but better. This is not something that, in my eyes, will make the coin stand out. The coins that bring something new to the table. In most cases, this will be the most time-consuming process.

Not only will you need to read through the whitepapers of each and every coin you are interested in, but you will also need to explore existing concepts and how these are currently performing. Can these projects deliver upon their promise? Can the decentralization of a given industry improve user experience?

Or is it simply a way for the founders to fill their pockets, as we have so often witnessed? Method 4: Discover trending topics This one is pretty important and often overlooked. When looking at how to research cryptocurrency, checking trending coins and events should be on the top of your list. The best way to analyze the market sentiment is by getting a good overview of the number of people searching for a specific topic.

To do this, there are many ways, some of which are better than others. I have found that certain keyword tools can offer a great advantage when searching for trending topics. I will use two keyword tools to analyze the topic. Ahrefs I use Ahrefs to see how many pieces of content have been written on the topic, month-over-month: As I am writing this, November has just started, which means that the last column on the right side is not applicable.

But look at that candle in June and Oktober.

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