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Dobbing betting on sports

dobbing betting on sports

Dobbing is a popular horse racing trading strategy. It relies on a horses price shortening significantly in-play. Basically, you place a win bet first of all. Next, you use in-play betting to hedge it. The dobbing term arose from the phrase “double or bust”. See overrated fantasy baseball players based on a comparison of Michael Clifford - Dobber Sports and Average Draft Position (ADP). SUNDERLAND ASTON VILLA BETTING PREVIEW NFL

There are also courses, where front runners are favoured over sprint distances but not over longer distances. Horses change Run Styles Horses have different run styles for different races. Trainers change their tactics on their own horse, depending on the other horses in the race. A horse, that is usually held-up, may become a front runner for a particular race.

Why might a trainer do this? If his horse is held up, the strategy is that, at the tail end of the race, the horse accelerates and overtakes all the horses, in front of him. For this to work, he needs a fast run race. In a slow run race, the other horses will also be able to quicken towards the end of the race. This means that the hold-up horse will have difficulty overtaking other horses.

For this reason, if the trainer believes that the front runners are going to set a slow pace, he might decide to run his horse from the front. This will mess things up for anyone dobbing a slow front runner. This is because the so-called dobbing statistics, that you see on various websites, are not really statistics.

They are just a bunch of numbers. Of course not. The date is August 18th, and the year is The place is Monte Carlo. In the Grand Casino, there was a game of roulette taking place. The ball landed on black 26 spins in a row. The story is that, during this parlay, most people were betting on red. These people are likely to continue betting on black. There are several factors that affect the chance of your horse dobbing.

If you are not looking at these, you are betting or trading, with your eyes shut. The most obvious factors are how good the other horses in the race are and the race conditions. Back in the day, I was more of a favourite backer. However, I used to have speculative bets on longshots as well. When you are betting, this sucks! However, when you are dobbing, this is a pretty good scenario. This is because if your horse has a chance of winning late on in the race, it is likely to dob.

However, reading form is not difficult. We first need to understand when we expect our in-play bet to get matched. The 4 Stages of a Horse Race I will break a horse race down into 4 stages. Stage 1: The horses start the race. Stage 2: The horses are running at a steady pace. You could get a lucky DOB, if a short-priced favourite falls early in a race in jump racing.

In flat racing, you might get a DOB, if a short-priced favourite messes up the start. Stage 3: Some horses start to accelerate, while others are one-paced or slow down and fade into the background see Figure 2. At this stage, the race is starting to unfold. However, we are not at the final stages yet. As the pace starts to quicken, horses, that have been racing, in mid-division or at the back of the field, will start to move closer to the pace.

They might not make their move yet. Many jockeys will be manoeuvring their horses into a position, in order to make their move during Stage 4. However, they will be struggling. These phrases mean that the jockey is struggling to get the horse to keep up with the pace.

There will be other horses, that are keeping up with the pace, without significant effort. If you have backed one of these horses, at long odds, you should get a lot of dobs during Stage 3. I mainly use horses that have odds between Occasionally, I might go as low as 8. However, you do need to find horses, with reasonable odds, for them to dob at Stage 3. If your horse started at a short price, it may not dob until it gets to Stage Of course, this depends on how many horses remain in contention at Stages 3 and 4.

For example, even originally short-priced horses might dob, if there are only 2 horses left with a chance at earlier stages of the race. We need to look at form to find a good dobbing selection. I am an annual subscriber. You could try and use the free racing media to read form. However, I can assess a race, within few minutes using Inform Racing. If I had to use the standard racing media, it would take me hours to assess a race. Below is a list of criteria. However, you need to know, which variables act positively towards your trade and which act negatively.

Race Selection 1. If the favourite is too strong, it may have to fail before the other horses will shorten. The Target Horse ie the horse, that you are dobbing must be at Long Odds I like my horse to be at odds between If these horses are still going strongly during Stage 3 of the race, they are likely to dob at this stage in the race. I do dob horses, with odds as low as 6. However, when I dob, horses with lower odds, I want the form to be strong.

The reason is that lower odds horses might not dob until they are close to Stage 4. Therefore, I need my horse to run well almost until the end of the race. Handicaps are Best Generally, we want to select horses, with a long racing history. The main benefit of a long racing history is that it gives us more form to base our selection on.

You will find horses, with a long racing history, in handicaps. However, there are handicaps that we should avoid due to the lack of racing history. The Going The going is the state of the ground. On turf, the going can be firm, good-firm, good, good-soft, soft, or heavy. On the all-weather, the going can be standard or standard-slow.

Course Direction Horses often have a preference for running on a left-handed or a right-handed course. In other words, a horse might run faster on a left-handed course compared to a right-handed course. The situation may be the opposite for another horse. Speed Ratings You will need speed ratings to assess form. As something becomes more certain inplay or the time descreases to the end of an event, you profit from that differential. Dobbing is a great strategy to use on horse racing, as you have many races and there is a nice mixture of pre-off and in-play liquidity.

But it can be used by sports traders on pretty much any sport that has the correct characteristics. So how do you do a dobbing trade? So to carry this in play we need to keep this bet. Keeping the bet means that it gets carried over from pre-off to in-play. At the moment we are heading in around 2.

We will just have to sit and wait until probably the last three furlongs to see if this order actually gets matched at this particular price.

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