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Best sports data sites

best sports data sites

A listing of data resources and online sports statistics forums for a from the OPE Equity in Athletics Disclosure Website database. Sports Stats, fast, easy, and up-to-date. A group of sites providing both basic and sabermetric statistics and resources for sports fans everywhere. 1. Analytics Game · 2. The Athlytics Blog · 3. In Street Clothes · 4. THE POWER RANK · 5. Statsbylopez on Statsbylopez · 6. DTAI Sports Analytics Lab · 7. Squared. KATHLEEN BETTINGER

What are the Best Sports Stats Websites? Our recommendations for top sports stats websites are below. Football is the most popular wagering sport in the U. But that info is not as valuable to bettors who prefer wagering on other sports, such as baseball, basketball, golf and tennis. Some sports gambling websites provide statistics, betting tools and odds for free.

Others charge for access to predictions, proprietary databases and analytical tools. Many sites provide a combination of the two, depending on the information bettors choose to access. In fact, Bookies. Sports data available includes point spread and over-under trends for every team; a real-time odds matrix that tracks significant money moves for specific games and teams; a continually updated page of odds boosts from all of the top regulated online sportsbooks in the U.

The site tracks, shares and posts the records of its handicappers after every selection, allowing bettors to monitor their selections pick-by-pick. Its sports category calculates implied percentages of victory for games in the NFL, NBA and other major sports leagues, based on thousands of computer simulations.

NFL projected season record and playoff chances are posted every week and the methodology drills down to include percentages for teams to receive a first-round playoff bye or to win the Super Bowl. Its content uncovers interesting and insightful angles. Despite its pro football moniker, it also offers a significant amount of college football data useful for those who like to bet on NCAA football. Much of the content is free.

Its elite content is available through subscription options. PFF assigns a grade to every NFL player in each game and its betting dashboard features data-driven projections, cover probabilities and betting values for spread, moneyline, total wagers and prop bets.

Its content can be especially valuable for daily fantasy players, providing weekly matchup charts, grades for available free agents and waiver wire targets. The site is not only popular with football fans — PFF says it works with all 32 NFL teams and plus college teams to provide more efficient scouting information. The site provides access to betting odds in more than 50 sportsbooks through computer browser or free smartphone app, and helps identify public betting trends where the sharp betting action is.

The site also offers betting selections for subscribers based on proprietary betting trends data designed to find and exploit market inefficiencies. Subscribers can receive bet signal alerts by text message, email or mobile app. Sports bettors have different wagering preferences and needs, but the most successful sports stats websites include several of the following: Statistical analysis and data: The top sites offer large amounts of data that is easy to read and filter through.

That includes historical betting trends, power rankings and statistical projections based on deep databases in the sports you are most interested in wagering on. Coaches rely on analytics to scout opponents and optimize play calls in games, while front offices use it to prioritize player development.

Analytics also play a major role off the field, providing fans with both sports betting and fantasy sports insights. Besides professional teams, betting companies and fans have also joined the action. Sports betting analytics groups rely on data to determine the odds of certain game results happening. Fans then consider these odds when placing bets, selecting players for a fantasy team and making other decisions that depend on statistical data.

The Rise of Sports Analytics Sports and data have always gone hand in hand. Early statisticians like Bill James, however, started challenging those subjective assumptions with data in the s. James came up with a mathematical system to evaluate baseball players called Sabermetrics , which he released to the public in a book titled The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract.

It was his first stab at a way to objectively analyze players and help general managers optimize their teams, according to the Society for American Baseball Research. Bloomberg Quicktake goes behind the scenes with a data scientist to explore the rise in sports analytics. Bloomberg Quicktake Each major sport has since had its own analytics evolution with teams hiring data scientists and seeking ways to objectively analyze players and gain a statistical edge.

For example, basketball teams now optimize their offenses for three-pointers and layups because shot chart analysis showed them to be the most efficient shots in the game. Tracking software and machine learning have taken sports analytics to the next level.

Companies like Genius Sports are able to generate statistical breakdowns from video footage to help coaches optimize their play calling during games or generate post-game takeaways. Others use cameras and machine learning software to track things like ball speeds, spin rates and player movement, which regularly factor into both broadcasts and team decisions. Baseball players, for example, are regularly seen using tablets to review data like pitch distributions to make adjustments mid-game.

Analytics have also shaped the way fans consume sports. Sports Analytics Jobs and Careers The growth of the sports analytics industry has led to a wealth of job opportunities , so aspiring professionals can now build careers at the crossroads of sports and data analysis.

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Sports Databases Overview Interest in historical data and odds archives continues to grow as sports handicappers and historians look to the past to try to help them predict the future. From forward, every box score and stat joined the archive to forge this mammoth database. Other sports have more or less depth of archive.

For example, the NBA database is solid with scores, box scores and odds from to present. The databases were established primarily for betting and contest purposes to give handicappers a huge archive that they could sort through. This allows everyone to search their own angles and find their own trends and not rely on websites that simply display matchup reports and trends without any context.

What line do we use in the database? It is intended as a fair, representative line of what bettors would have gotten before game time. It does not track opening lines or line moves , so if you bet the Patriots at -7 on a Tuesday and the line closed at Some people are successful. The Top Sports Prediction Sites I want to be clear on something first: Many people are searching for the sports prediction model that will beat Vegas.

That said, using expert gambling strategies and then taking into account the best sport prediction models is going to make you a much, much sharper better. There can be a lot of confusion. But these are models we consistently trust. With that out of the way, here are the top sports prediction sites: Donchess Sports: best of both world model Donchess sports is my favorite ranker right now. Not just because it feels good to say humans still have value, but they do.

You can check out the DRatings here. ESPN uses its own proprietary mathematical model to predict the winner of games in most sports. The statistical analysis is complex. And it provides more accurate results than most models. The primary variables Massey takes into account are scores and margin of victory. Then, home or away is used to help come up with a final prediction. This can work pretty well, and comes close to Vegas many years in accuracy.

You can check out the Massey Ratings here. Why I only list 3 prediction models There are s of prediction models you can find with a quick google search. Data overload. The fact is many of these models use overlapping statistical analysis. Until something new comes out, there are only so many ways you can crunch past sports data to come up with a score prediction.

You just have to find a few you trust and like. Everyone would be using it to make tons of money. The other catch?

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