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Track your sports bets

track your sports bets

I just use thescore app and turn on notifications for all the games/players I bet on. If a game is a blowout I simply turn off the notifications for it and. The most complete web application to keep track of all your sports bets. With Smart Bet Tracker you can keep up to date information about your balance. Tracking all your sports bets across a variety of books has always been a challenge. Then came The Action Network app, which made tracking. THE STAR MALAYSIA SPORTS BETTING

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While some punters store this information in a book or a physical location, a punter must save a history online as well. Storing this information online gives punters easy access without having to carry a physical book, the ability to rearrange data, and automatically update betting information. A punter must be familiar with the storage system using online storage. Professional punters stick to excel or sheets, while other punters use notepads, sticky notes, MS word, etc.

Tabulate Your Information To efficiently tabulate information concerning dates, money, profit, and loss, excel, and Google sheets work well. Arranging data by tabulating it gives a punter an edge. A punter can quickly access this information to make a behavioral or betting decision.

A punter may choose not to arrange in an easy-to-understand format. A punter bound to get overwhelmed with the information in front of him after a few wagers above Moreover, organizing information also helps a punter adopt a more structured and disciplined sports betting approach.

Regularly Update It may be easy for a punter to make a bet and in the spur of the moment. You can even list down your reasons for making a particular bet to reevaluate if it checks out later. This will let you analyze your bet sizing and see where your most reliable and weakest edges are when it comes to your betting portfolio. This will allow you to maximize your edge when betting and focus on the areas where you are the strongest and work on the areas that are your weakest.

Tracking my bets has helped me improve my process tremendously. There are lots of different sports to bet on , but many different bet types within those sports. Examining your edge when it comes to sides, totals, prop bets, and live betting will help you greatly as a sports bettor. Bet tracking software will also allow you to easily differentiate between bet types and track your profits and losses along with units for each type of betting market.

Bet Tracking For Taxes Tracking your wins and losses when you bet sports is vital to not only keeping track or your profits for your personal records, but also the IRS. Keeping a record of your sports betting profits is ten times easier than it was years ago with the number of sports bet-tracking websites and software available. Tax law as it pertains to gambling and sports betting, specifically, can get a little complicated.

We recommend using our above link as a basis for preparing your tax return when you are declaring sports betting winnings. Some of these also come with a desktop component. Bet tracking apps are valuable because they can be used anywhere where you have a smartphone and an internet connection. Most are available on both iOS and Android. It offers a plethora of features for bettors and is free.

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ACADEMY: Easily Track Your Football Bets and Predictions

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