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Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges 2018

top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges 2018

Largest cryptocurrency exchanges based on 24h volume in the world on September 29, (in billion U.S. dollars). There are many cryptocurrency exchanges in the world- the prominent ones being Binance and Coinbase. Top 10 best Cryptocurrency Exchange in | Best. We researched and selected the best crypto exchanges of October , including Coinbase (Best for Beginners); Binance (Best for Low Fees);. 314 FOREX INDICATOR

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It also has good commissions and a solid trading platform. The site also boasts a robust trading platform and a solid commission structure. However, Bitfinex was the victim of a major hack in , casting doubts as to its security. Bitfinex has also been subject to a large number of negative user reviews as of late, indicating the quality of its services is declining.

While Bitfinex is still one of the best platforms out there, these problems are significant demerits for security-focused traders. OKEx also features low trading fees, high liquidity, and offers Bitcoin and Litecoin futures.

It is also one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that has never been hacked. OKEx falters in its limited funding options and the fact that its trading platform is only available in Mandarin. Bithumb is also distinguished by the different types of orders it has available, making it a strong option for experienced traders. Where Bithumb falters is in its laser focus on South Korean clients; it only allows South Korean wons for fiat buys.

Bithumb also has relatively limited funding options. Bithumb is a good choice for a cryptocurrency exchange, though South Koreans are the ones who will benefit the most by using it. Users can fund their accounts using U. This makes it an appealing option for first-time investors. However, CoinMama lacks many of the features that are common among cryptocurrency exchanges.

For example, it does not have its own wallets, meaning that users must store their holdings off-site. While this is good for security, it is a major inconvenience for traders. CoinMama also has only two coins available—Bitcoin and Ethereum—and does not allow selling cryptocurrency, only buying it. The exchange makes a point of being in full compliance with U.

The site also accepts bank transfers for funding user accounts and offers auctions. The site is also severely limited in terms of coins, with only Bitcoin and Ethereum currently available. Newcomers to cryptocurrency will likely enjoy Gemini for its security and ease of use, though more hardcore users will find it wanting.

It also has a comprehensive, easy-to-use trading platform and very good commission rates. However, HitBTC has been the subject of a large number of negative user reviews as of late. HitBTC has also been suspected of faking its trading volume. Bisq also offers a large amount of options for funding your account and a large number of coins to trade, and also features an arbitration mechanism that allows users to easily settle disputes.

However, Bisq is a poor choice for active traders due to its low trading volume and slow transaction time, meaning that it is difficult to take advantage of sudden dips and rises in the market. For long-term crypto investors and those concerned with security, Bisq is a strong choice, but active traders will want to look elsewhere.

ShapeShift is noteworthy for its speed, security, and anonymity. Buying and selling are almost instantaneous compared to other exchanges, and the site does not require any verification, ID, or even creating an account.

It also features a robust trading platform for hardcore users. Where ShapeShift falters is its relatively high fees, a side effect of its fast transaction times. It also lacks fiat currency support and is not likely to add it given its nature as an anonymous crypto trading platform. BitFlyer is primarily targeted to Japanese and Asian traders, as its trading is primarily done against the Japanese yen.

However, traders all over the world will find a lot to like about its margin and futures trading, its clean and attractive interface, and its strong security. Additionally, the site is lacking when it comes to available cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. For Japanese traders, BitFlyer is one of the best exchanges out there. Traders from other countries will find it less useful but are still advised to give it a shot.

Due to its status as a precious metals exchange, Vaultoro places extra emphasis on security. It offers no other cryptocurrencies, nor does it allow fiat buys. For users who are looking to invest in both cryptocurrencies and gold, Vaultoro is worth a look. It also allows credit card and bank transfer buys. Where CEX. Additionally, while CEX. However, for day traders who are looking for easy, fast buys and strong protections, CEX.

Much like Gatecoin, Coinfloor is best-known for its strong security protocols. It also has a limited portfolio at the moment, only featuring Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. What is a cryptocurrency exchange? A place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Which exchange should I use first? From there, you can move your crypto into other exchanges that offer more coins to buy or sell.

In fact, this site is geared towards advanced investors but they have great guides that make it very popular among traders and investors. This site was hacked a while back but made good with their account holders soon later. It allows for over 51 crypto-pairs and has very low fees.

Bitstamp — This is one of the longest longest-runnings, having been established in and since it has been licensed by the Luxenbourg Ministry of Finance, it is also one of the most secured. The main downside to this exchange is that it only accepts about 4 cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ripple, and Ether. Cryptopia — This is one of the more exciting exchanges in that it is much more than a place to trade cryptocurrency, which they currently trade more than altcoins.

They also have a peer to peer marketplace where items are listed auction style or classified ad style and then allow for the bidding using a determined cryptocurrency. The exchange is located in New Zealand so the marketplace may not be a great match for many and they do not trade in fiat to BTC, you must trade in cryptocurrency unless you are a New Zealander and register a bank account, then you can deposit and withdraw in fiat. HitBTC — This exchange allows for the trade in fiat and cryptocurrency, however, in order to trade in fiat one must have a verified account.

One of the best features of this exchange is the Demo Exchange where the new user can get acquainted with the interface and make demo transactions before making any deposits of real value. What next? As with any investment platform, do your due diligence and investigate thoroughly before jumping on board.

Once you have selected an exchange that you would like to work with, make sure that you have your account verified BEFORE making any deposits. Also, determine the wait time that is necessary after making a deposit for making trades and withdraws. You can imagine, exchanges are relatively new and many are still going through growing pains so if you have an issue, it may take some time to get it resolved through their customer service. Investing in cryptocurrency is a newer phenomenon all together that does not come without risks.

There are more than altcoins and for the majority, you can think of them as similar to penny stocks with a value to a relatively small few that know about them. That's not to say you can't earn a good deal of profit from them.

Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges 2018 plo 3 betting

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Day Trading 2018

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