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Wartune class wars betting sites

wartune class wars betting sites

only famous Revolutionary War tune of American origin. It may classes are not in session or visit the Library's website at www. Below is what the new website looks like, similar look and feel but a lot more Wartune Gameplay – Mage Class Wars Finals (June ). Download here:*Wartune Titan Skills Trainer*Wartune Titan Wartune's new arena class-wars, Titan War is over, and now the obvious. BUYING BITCOINS PAYPAL

Titles Titles are important in the game now. You can see the stats I gain from titles in the picture below, which adds up to roughly 10k BR just from that. We currently reach Level 23 or 24 every day, but cannot quite make it yet. I also do not have any charm-related title, which would be easy to obtain. I get asked quite regularly by random people to exchange roses, but I always refuse, since all my roses are for a Level 39 non-casher who is most fun to chat with for me.

As regards temporary titles like the Fishing titles or Jewel Hunt titles, I did push for them the week before HoF ranking every little bit helps! Academy My main page of academy is maxed to Level 80, and most of my advanced academy page is as well.

I try to keep around k kyanite before I train another level, in case some good item comes up in Wilds Shop that requires to spend kyanite. Sylphs My sylphs — while having an evolved version of each element — are far from maxed out, other than for other top players. My only orange sylph is Hercules, which is also maxed out on Sepulcrum. Other than that I work on my Athena at the moment, mainly due to the reason that I have a hard time ranking high enough i.

Top 3 in Sylph Arena without another maxed out sylph, as a couple of players on my server have semi- maxed out Dark Sylphs that hit Hercules really hard in Sylph Arena. Also, I can start working on one of my one-star purple sylphs, which will probably be my Dark one, as it is my main sylph for things like Wilds Bosses and Sky Trail ironically, when I first was able to beat stages III-5 and III, my 87k BR Hercules died like a little crybaby and my 21k Dark sylph did the job — however, for stage IV-5, I am much closer to beating it with Hercules than with Gaia.

In my opinion, a good strategy for sylphs is to really push for a strong main sylph, but also to try to focus on two others at the same time, since soon enough we will use 2 support sylphs as troops in some events. Equipment Refining All of my equipment is Level 80 for quite some time now. For refinement, I aim for Strength, Defense, and Endurance on each piece, as they give most BR and also most strength, and for PATK, as high attack is so crucial in so many parts of the game.

For reasons discussed earlier mostly because I tend to switch a lot between crit and EWD , I do not choose crit as the 5th stat, but rather opt for one of the defense stats or block as the final one. Thank God for all the refinement locks the game throws at us these days in Jewel Hunt, so at least it is possible to try to refine the equipment easily for free, but refinement crystals are really scarce.

So in that case I could lock only Strength 10 , and have 4 chances to get another Level 10 refinement stat that I want with just one refinement step. However, this strategy also means there is a risk that we have to bear undesirable stats like Charisma and to lose overall strength and BR temporarily. Or b you want to keep the 5 most desirable stats on the equipment at all times. In that case, I would have to lock 4 of the stats mentioned above and refine only for one and hope that the same stat will go to Level The probability of a successful Level 10 refining step in this case is much lower, but at least you keep all the stat types that you want to have at all times this way.

It would be interesting to hear how you guys handle refining, so let me know in the comments. Holy Forge Holy Forge is an Advanced Class feature that is just huge and is basically about enchanting your Level 80 gear even further. And of course a powerful feature like this comes at a cost: It is extremely difficult to gain high Holy Forge levels. The two items you need for it are Vulcan Stoves and Vulcan Hammers. Hammers are a bigger problem, since more or less the only free way to get them is cross-server guild battle.

I am not a fan of this approach, since nobody should be punished for being on a weaker server just because R2 does not manage to keep up with mergers to keep servers at roughly the same overall strength. Also, I think it is a bit insane.

We can obtain stoves every 6 hours in general, so everybody can work on them. For hammers, not only do we have to be in a strong guild, but we do have to be online playing Wartune on Sunday evenings, which is the only time you can obtain free Hammers at all and even so only in certain weeks. So since I am not willing to make the time commitment to give up my Sunday evenings, but still consider Holy Forge an important feature of the game, I am choosing a cash approach for this feature of the game.

At this point, let me say that you have my fullest respect if you really turn up for those laggy and bugged battles on Sunday evenings for gaining a — usually rather low — amount of Hammers. As pointed out earlier, I am really pushing my PATK higher at the moment, so I chose to max out Holy Forge on my weapon before working on anything else. The idea of Holy Forge is that you have 8 stages of upgrades and each stage is again divided into 10 sub-stages.

Then for an attempt to upgrade, you use up 15 Stoves and 5 Hammers and a certain amount of gold that depends on the sub-stage you are at. That said, I have not had a single occasion when I really needed 20 attempts to move to the next sub-stage, so these numbers as expected from R2 cannot be accurate, but it is perfectly possible to waste Stoves, 50 Hammers and more than 20 million gold without even moving one sub-stage. So is it worth the trouble?

So decide for yourself! Gems I was lucky enough to be able to do those whip events that gave a huge amount of gem packs when some other top players had already capped their stables. So my gems are something that I am quite happy with. Secondly and more importantly , keep in mind the current gem event that gives us rewards for making Level 10 gems. Since it is limited events now, I assume that in the not so far future there will be rewards for Level 11 gems too. But by making those Level 12 PATK gems now instead, I will have 24 Level 10 gems that I can use to make Level 11 gems then without breaking up my gems at all, since I can just use 2 Level 10 gems to make a Level 11 gem, and will get a Level 11 gem back from the rewards and thereby made 2 Level 11 gems from 2 Level 10 gems without using any other gems.

What this says is that the game itself is not a sufficient attraction, and must rely almost entirely on sex to sell those microtransactions. Such is the state of copyright in China, where Wartune originates. Here is the same exact song, with no attempt to hide infringement, showcased in Wartune.

This serves as a great example of the lower levels game development can sink to. Not to say that they would be very deep or complex otherwise; what little story exists in the world of Wartune has about as much originality as the soundtrack. The narrative, along with nearly every other element of the game, is barely one-dimensional. The entire aesthetic is simply a ploy to get hits and hopefully microtransactions from the lascivious banner ads.

Wartune is bad, and I truly, deeply hope that the developers feel bad. It is a shame that Wartune exists. These lines are all crossed proudly by Wartune, but what is much worse is the ham-fisted, overbearing approach the entire package takes. They quite literally suggest that you will get laid playing this game. The interface is a poor as the English. This is ghastly, and many would argue dangerous for how the target demographic young boys views sex and women.

I would understand if the game actually featured sex, those games are just fine in their niche. Some are actually decently designed games. When you think that no one would be stupid enough to fall for this tripe I apologize to tripe for the offense , remember what the great George Carlin said about how stupid the average person is.

What combat? There is no discernible method to each battle, except for the rather maddening randomness. Exactly the wrong aspects of Wartune have been randomized. Randomly selected content needs to apply to environment, gear, experiences, instances, geography, enemies; these things provide great replay value, new experiences and consistently fresh challenges.

Not combat. This removes any possibility for strategy, forethought or involvement. You can choose spells to cast; but not where to cast them.

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Players will receive a notification prior to the event starting each month. The event happens once a month, during the third week. The Preliminaries — Players level 50 and above may join in the Preliminary Rounds, regardless of battle rating. At the beginning of the Preliminary rounds, players will be matched by the Class War system.

The System will then recalculate the match point of each player after each battle and match the players with similar match points together. There are a total of 15 fights in the Preliminary Rounds, with matches lasting no longer than 2 minutes. The top players for each class will move onto the Finals. Preliminary Rewards: After the Preliminary Contest, players will be rewarded with Glory Crystals based on the match points they received.

The Finals — The Top Players for each class that make it through the Preliminary rounds will move onto the Final rounds. Players will be ranked based on their victory after each round. The battle system will match players that have similar ranking together for the next round. I've seen many posts stating that this is unfair and broken, and that lower BR players deserved to be placed higher up e.

To that, I disagree. Here is the explanation: After every round, players are ranked according to their number of wins and BR. In the next round, you are then matched against someone next to you or close to you. As you win more, the battles get increasingly harder and harder.

If you lose,you get a slightly easier battle the next round. It is a self-adjusting mechanism. In the final ranking, even though there are 10 players with 7 wins say. The player with the highest rank consistently fought and won against players with higher BRs. The player with the lowest rank, on the other hand, fought and won against player of lower BR.

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