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Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Sharp App provides you with the tools you need to make smarter, sharper bets. It's time to Get Sharp with real-time odds & bet tracking, live scoring. Sharp Sports Betting explains the logic and math of sports bets, including such exotic bets as parlays, teasers, and props. Lots of NFL data. FORECAST ETHEREUM PRICE BY 2020

His background in civil engineering included computer modeling, which he incorporated into his pickmaking — making him a pioneer of sorts when it comes to utilizing analytics for sports wagering. Sharp is a household name in sports betting when it comes to the NFL and pointed out there needs to be some grit to help create the glamour.

Sportsbooks have teams of oddsmakers that span across all sports to create betting lines versus having one or two people focus on the NFL to neutralize his knowledge base and potential advantage. We are always going to have the upper hand. Ten years ago I could do four sports and do them well enough to make good money in all of them.

As markets get more efficient, I realized I have to specialize more. Is that good? Sharp Sports Betting explains how to evaluate such prop bets to find the nuggets. Historical NFL data - Have you ever wondered how frequently certain spreads are achieved? When you should buy a half point for a dime? How big a deviation you need from the posted spread to get an edge? When should you bet the money line instead of the spread?

Sharp Sports Betting has the answers to all these and more. The printing has data through the season. NFL teasers - Since football points often come three or seven at a time, some final scores are more common than others. The sharp sports bettor can take advantage by making teaser bets. Sharp Sports Betting explains which teams to tease to get an edge over bookmakers. And lots more… If you are brand new to sports betting and want the basics on how to place bets and what the different information in a sports book means, Sharp Sports Betting gives the answers.

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The smart money is on them for their live betting in play product. Sign up to some of the best betting brokerage firms for more outs, and take advantage of the best first deposit bonuses and risk free bet offers at recommended sportsbooks like the "King" of books BetMGM, and America's no. The Action Network covers all US sports and has some of the best sports handicappers on it's pay roll.

Education on value betting - Squares need not apply. Sharp Sports Bettors covers Draftkings daily fantasy sports and sharp sports betting on the DK sportsbook powered by Kambi sports consultancy. Learn about Line shopping and arbitrage betting which are 2 more important tools for the best sports bettors and handicappers to have in professional sports betting.

The next Warren Buffett investor, moneyballer Matthew Benham or sports betting wise guy like Billy Walters could be lurking amongst us! So, we bring all the best free sports betting education and resources together in the 1 place for free expert professional learning via the best pro bettors! Sharp Sports Bettors Hub FanDuel Sportsbook US comes out on top for new and best sports bettors and expert professional handicappers.

Don't get left behind Pro bettors are using data analytics, sports betting models and algorithms to stay ahead of the traders and Las Vegas bookmakers. The best sports bettors will look to use betting brokers and exchanges as their outs get thinner. Pro bettors or the winning successful sports bettor will be well used to sports betting brokerage accounts such as Asian Connect, Bet In Asia or SportMarket.

The best sports handicappers also thrive on sports betting exchanges like Smarkets or Betfair. Join our Sharp Discord chat and learn from the best in the business. Our team of analysts will talk strategy, analyze games and present live bets to attack. Whether you are a beginner or you have been betting on sports for decades, our educational videos can help you become a sharper bettor.

Our team of Sharp bettors are proven winners with profitable track records which will work with bettors of all skill levels. Player Prop Model Our player prop model identifies the best props to attack every day with the highest expected value.

Sharp Report The Sharp Report is a inside look of all the liabilities the sportsbook has on a given day and where the sharp and public money is. Betting Chat Our Betting chat is a one of a kind community filled with betting pros who not only provide their picks and analysis but also coach you to develop your skills daily.

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Sharp Sports Betting: How Do You Know If a Play Is Sharp or Square?

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$500 to $10,000 - 5 Sharp Sports Betting Picks

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