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Mmm china bitcoins

mmm china bitcoins

Shares of 3M (NYSE:MMM - Get Rating) have earned an average recommendation of "Hold" from the seventeen research firms that are presently. The Chinese government warned the public about the MMM Global Ponzi scheme that accepts Bitcoin payments, in an attempt to ensure consumer funds is kept safe from harm at all times. Such risky investments should be avoided at all costs, and this warning is a positive sign for Bitcoin itself. - China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech reported on Friday third quarter earnings that missed analysts' forecasts and revenue that. SINGAPORE SPORTS BETTING RESULTS

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Sometimes people realize that a bit too late, after investing more than they can afford to lose in such attractive scheme. The Chinese government has recently issued a warning about one such possible scheme currently gaining traction in the country. On January 18th, the Chinese government has asked its citizen to refrain from investing in MMM-China , a well known bitcoin investment scheme. In addition, those who have already invested will be encouraged to get more investors on board through referral in order to gain rewards for each such successful referral.

He served 4 and half years in prison for his actions. Due to this incentive, the MMM Global project has seen tremendous international growth, luring in unsuspecting investors hoping to make a nice profit. Play Now! Even though this marketing scheme is actively looking for investments in China, the company itself is registered in Russia. As a result, Chinese police and government officials have no jurisdiction over the website, and they can only issue stark warnings about the risks associated with MMM Global.

MMM Global has the look and feel of a pure pyramid scheme , as it will only keep paying out for as long as new member funds keep flowing in. Under Chinese law, these types of pyramid schemes are prohibited, although there is very little officials can do about it. Just a few days ago, the Chinese government announced how they are looking into an undisclosed amount of funds funneled from China to a different country through the MMM Global scheme.

As is usually the case with online pyramid schemes such as MMM Global, there are a lot of people who fall for these impossible promises. In fact, all it takes for users to start earning money is to complete one task per day. This does not even require MMM Global users to make a purchase, as they only need to post on social media or various other websites about their experiences with the program, and relevant hashtags. Could you be next big winner? Keeping in mind how MMM Global operates in countries around the world, it comes as no surprise over million people have invested in this pyramid scheme so far.

Some people might be wondering how Bitcoin ties into all of this, and the answer is very simple: MMM Global accepts Bitcoin payments for deposits. Withdrawing funds can be done in Bitcoin as well, although the system makes mention of a bank account or credit card only.

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