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Cryptocurrency historical data hourly

cryptocurrency historical data hourly

() applied deep reinforcement learning and used historical data from BTC, LTC and ETH to observe historical price movements and acted on real-time prices. Coin-specific market data for a given historical date can be obtained using the coin_history_snapshot() function: coin_history_snapshot(coin_id = "bitcoin". So what next? Now that we have the price data, I wanted to dig a little more about the factors affecting the price of coins. I started of with Bitcoin. PAR BETTING

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Out-of-hours trade data is included, and prices and volumes are adjusted for splits and dividends. Historical Futures Data For futures we carry 1-minute, 5-minute, minute, 1-hour historical bars for the most active 70 contracts as of October starting back to We provide both individual futures contracts as well as a continuous futures series with prices adjusted for the price gaps from rolling contracts this series is best suited to long-timeframe backtesting of futures trading strategies.

Data is available for major US indices. For international indices we provide1-minute OHLC bars back to depending on the index for 10 major stock indices. We offer data by both individual ticker and by bundles. Data Format All data is in zipped csv comma separated value files.

These files are compatible with Excel and most trading, backtesting, charting, and quantitative analysis applications. It has multiple interesting endpoints and historical data for hundreds of different assets and markets. Also includes info about order books and trades. Additional fact: Cryptowatch was created and is maintained by Kraken, they have info about their technical implementation based on Go and React.

For example, if requesting minute data you get last minutes. Futures from okcoin and other markets. Has all the information required for analysis including historic OHLC, order books and trades. It has a huge list of available markets and instruments futures, options, etc.

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