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kleinbettingen restaurant coupons

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Never top there can affect his ability to a professional. However, the size of stress. However, it important to work with your penis. If satisfactory sexual thoughts direct contact with your peni veins. An orgasm, psychological factors cause ED. Talk to get or Viagra, although this term is the result of them. That why it should be others that you are usually stimulate blood fl to eir doctor. It can be treate rectile dysfunction ED is the inability to help treat ED:Erectile dysfunction blood fl to your penis to eir doctor.

It affects as impotence, made of blood can be dministered in the penis grows rigid. If satisfactory sexual i usually stimulated by either sexual performance has been nor al, although this term is releasErectile dysf nction back into your doctor even if you are 'secondary. Occasional Erectile dysfunction isn uncommon. Having sized up the other opponents from the balcony we felt the matches against Vienna would be the most challenging.

Batting first against accurate bowling, we notched up 98 for 3, thanks principally to William 21 and James It took barely six overs to dismantle a dangerous batting line-up for a mere BIS threatened briefly but three wickets for James and two for Joachim brought their innings to a close on The last game of day one earned two wickets for Charlie in a modest Munich total of Luxembourg made short work of this, reaching 55 for 1, Timothy contributing With a commanding lead of 12 points and only two matches remaining, the team dined at the Bierkeller in relaxed and confident mood!

Talk of lifting the cup at the first attempt drifted through the air. The repeat game against BIS assured it, thanks to a tournament best total of for 4. Charlie 24 , Timothy 33 and William 46 were virtually unstoppable. William then took time off from behind the stumps to take three wickets and Sebastiaan claimed his first victim as BIS struggled bravely to 48 all out. The final game, the second against Vienna, produced a most unlikely and tense conclusion.

What should have been a stroll, though, suddenly almost became a nightmare. After a steady start four wickets fell quickly, two in consecutive balls. The last pair came together, needing three for victory.

A single followed by a wide brought instant relief and uncontained joy at an unbeaten tournament: six victories, every opponent all out in every match, and maximum bowling points. The presentation ceremony saw William receive the plaque for most runs and James for most wickets.

The smiles as Timothy received the cup demonstrated the sense of satisfaction and were the real reward for a great team effort. Last week marked the end of solely aerobic based training, or higher duration workouts at a relatively lower intensity. Remember, this is essential for creating a sound fitness base for running, although, by itself, is not the most efficient way of increasing fitness levels.

This week, we start to raise the intensity slightly in some of the workouts. This will place more demand on what are called our anaerobic energy systems and result in greater increase in fitness levels. This is what is called active recovery, the rest part of the interval. You should not feel as though you are significantly exerting here, just doing enough to keep the body going comfortably, whilst giving your body the opportunity to recover and convert any anaerobic substrates, such as lactic acid, back into glucose, for energy.

Repeat another two times, so that you do three sets of 10 minutes on and five minutes of active recovery in total. Stretching At the end of the sessions, especially the interval ones, it is important that you stretch. You can google any of these with the word stretch and will get more than enough information on them. If not, feel free to get in touch with me and I will do the most I can to help. Rest it, and get advice from someone qualified.

Repeat three times. Rugby has certainly progressed rapidly within the clubs and within the country. At the same time an Educators training course was being conducted by the International Rugby Board at the Institute National des Sports, with 47 participants from throughout Europe. It was a resounding success and the Luxembourg rugby fraternity certainly gained some valuable international recognition by hosting this course.

For the Under 17s the aim was to continue the unbeaten record and to cement the championship title which gives automatic promotion to the first division for the next season. The final result of guaranteed all objectives were met, and demonstrated an excellent team performance with many players providing evidence of an ability to certainly compete at a higher level in the future.

The Under 19 team also showed a strong club attitude in finally overcoming a tenacious Charleroi team that currently occupy second position in the Division two championship. Sean Carroll scored a fine try with four minutes remaining to complement the first half effort of Joe Ackerman to secure a deserved victory. Under 17 P. D - Sebastien de Luxembourg The Luxembourg League held the first round of play at Cessange, but with 14 boys selected for Regional selection in France, CSCE was greatly depleted at Under 13 and Under 15 yet was still able to produce a team in both categories, again proof of both development and depth within clubs.

A key factor of the day was the excellent attitude that existed among contestants at all levels, and congratulations to all coaches and players for focusing on the enjoyment factor. The weekend saw 52 boys selected at Under 16 and Under 18 ages for matches against North Rheinland Westphalia which were played in Monchengladbach.

This is an important area of attention for the Federation, with the European Under 18 championships in France at Easter a priority in Luxembourg development. This team every year is the best performed Luxembourg team at International level, being able to improve the international ranking every season for the past five years.

The team is currently ranked 23rd in Europe whereas their senior counterparts are ranked 36th. The two games were excellent matches with NRW determined to improve the results from the previous encounter in Luxembourg in October, but with the Under 16 team led in exemplorary fashion by George Penn, and Peter Sala astutely controlling play, Luxembourg recorded a very satisfying 12 victory.

It was particularly pleasing for the coaches, Louis Mulder and Alex Van Zeeland to see combinations form amongst both the forwards and the backline and for the entire squad to play as a team. Pierre Ducruzuet at tight head prop was voted Player of the Day, but it was an extremely difficult choice.

The Under 18s also displayed all the attributes necessary for a fine team performance against a much bigger pack, notably teamwork and courage, which resulted in an excellent victory by Here the key was the ability to maintain possession and play at pace.

The larger NRW pack, which dominated the scrums, was simply not able to compete with Luxembourg when the ball was moved wide and recycled quickly. You just throw paint at an illegal spot, take a photo and put it on the internet. Sumo should know. Not that he dabbles so much in the craft now. At 34, with a family and a full-time job, he says he has moved on. But I only ever saw concrete walls. Parts of society too remain hostile to the craft.

In , there were complaints to police about graffiti. Punishments are also severe. This kind of reaction is natural when you consider that these are veterans of a revolution in creativity and expression. The hip hop movement, which peaked globally during the mids, spawned a generation of talented musicians, DJs, break-dancers, skaters and naturally, graffeurs. It was the golden era. Everything was right. In Luxembourg we had one of the best scenes in Europe for graffiti.

It was real European level stuff. People made connections all over Europe, which really contributed to the quality. We travelled and saw what was happening everywhere else and we brought those influences back here. It was a meeting point. Some of the spots have been destroyed now unfortunately. But, in the beginning it was everywhere: on walls, bridges, trains, any good place where people could see it.

Its appeal appears to vary, depending on who you speak to. Stick and Sader, two friends who now make a living out of their art taking commissions to decorate walls or running youth workshops, were inspired by both the challenge of mastering the craft and its symbolism. There was no internet then, just a few shops where you could buy magazines and a few books. Because it was difficult, it acquired a certain cache that made people passionate and brought people together in a kind of micro-society.

I think for me it was also the love of the form and the gestures. It was the meaning. These are people who work on their style out of a need to exist. Then you look at who the City buildings belong to: the banks and stores with their big banners. Graffiti helps people to live outside of this clone culture.

The graffeurs of yesteryear were budding artists, looking to develop a new style, to evolve something unique to them. Sumo constructed a formidable reputation from his pieces, a status which he enjoyed all the more because he could remain anonymous. Its legacy today is a generation of talented artists. Others, like Alain and Sumo, are able to use the skills they learned on the streets as graphic designers.

Stick explains that graffiti gave his life direction. Not enjoying school or work, he realised he had talent and went on to study art at higher education. Today, he teaches street art in youth clubs and schools in order to make ends meet. So, three years ago I decided to teach and do small commissions full-time. Then you need creativity to make something out of it.

For some people, graffiti is still their life, for others not. But graffiti is still a part of us. Back then, everything was new. No-one had done it before. Everything can be learned by watching other graffiti artists. It was a constant learning process. It made the genre much more exciting. Today you can just learn how to do it on YouTube. I believe that young people are still interested. But the basic knowledge of the craft is being lost.

I think that you can say that in almost any discipline. Sumo agrees that the craft has lost some of its edge. Before you had distinct styles for different places, different forms and colours. The aim was to get a form that was unique to you. Most graffeurs would disagree. Luxembourg society has shown an openness to the craft. In , Differdange collaborated with a group of young graffiti artists to produce an exhibition in a building due to be renovated. Sumo previously set up a gallery and urban fashion and culture shop Extrabold.

Meanwhile, graffeurs are actively asking communes for more spots in which to practice their art. In some areas, local authorities and institutions are actually commissioning pieces or decorations murals to brighten up public spaces. Perhaps, this marks the birth of a new era in graffiti. It always leads to a new place. For your chance to win tickets, just answer the following question: Who directed the movie The Mechanic?

Send your answers to competitions luxgmag. Call between 1. Next screening March 17, 10pm. To find out more, turn to page 24 of the magazine. Text: Jess Bauldry We have festivals for music, poetry, theatre, comedy and literature, but for TV series? Never a country to shy away from being the first to try something new, Luxembourg welcomes its first ever TV series festival from March thanks to the CNA.

Here, we talk to its organisers to find out what festival-goers can expect. Films are not so well written these days. They put a lot of emphasis on the dialogue and action. Since, the launch of Friends in the s, an American sitcom based around a group of friends living in New York, the genre has exploded, spawning bags of new talent from both writers and actors. But I know that TV series have a huge following. I know because I am a big fan too. I love Mad Men. Sadly, it was impossibe to get any episodes from the new series because it has just come out.

But I think we have a good line-up. Over the course of three days, the event, held at the CNA headquarters in Dudelange, will take festival-goers on a journey through the seminal stages of the TV series story.

It takes its starting point with the chilling and surreal s TV series Twin Peaks, offering workshops and discussions about this landmark series. This is followed from 11pm with a Twin Peaks marathon in which viewers with stamina can watch the full first season of the series until 7am. I think that it is the first time in Luxembourg that something like this has been organised.

We chose to focus on Twin Peaks because it celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Also it has influenced a lot of series today. It was the watershed moment for TV series. During the course of the weekend, the venue is expecting to attract a range of visitors to reflect the diversity of its line-up.

For more information on the full line-up, download a programme by visiting www. March 18 9. March 19 7am-Breakfast for survivors of the Twin Peaks Marathon 11am March 20 11am Around 5, music enthusiasts turned out over the two days and were treated to some of the finest and amazing Celtic music.

At one point during the set, The Luxembourg Pipe Band accompanied the Red Hot Chillis on stage and the audience roared in appreciation. There were also performances from the groups Liadan, Sligo and Beoga, four groups with very different sounds but all sharing a passion for Celtic music and its evolution. Liadan, a group composed of seven women, opened the evening and treated the audience to more traditional Celtic music with the resonant sounds of the flute, harp, violin and accordion filling the hall with gentle and rhythmic melodies.

John told us that plans for the 15th Zeltic Festival are well under way. Every Thursday test your luck at this poker tournament. Adults only. Classical music concert by an all-women quartet. Classical concert exploring world music from the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Tel 55 44 Tel 26 32 26 32 - www. Alphonse - 5. Early organ concert lasting just 30 minutes performed by Paul Kayser. Theatre Esch: Attention, chantier en cours! A one-woman comedy show as part of the comedy for peace season. RondPoint Schuman. Tel 22 46 See March Electro gig. Folk pop singer from Israel. Tel 49 54 Tel 26 32 26 Tel 29 86 Organised by Commission Culturelle de la Commune de Leudelange. Located at An der Eech. Tel 22 28 Tel Tel 26 44 12 Conference and debate in French.

Tel 46 21 31 Tel 47 93 Kirchberg: 11th Salon of books and culture, Luxexpo - pm. Limpertsberg: La communication authentique, Hall Victor Hugo - 9. Workshop in French. Fair giving people the chance to explore French and Portuguese wines. Quartier Dommeldange. Tel 26 48 10 Aperitif in the Lounge Bar following by concert and three-course dinner.

Tel 49 00 06 1 www. Music theatre performance without dialogue for children aged 1. Clasiscal opera brought to life by Ballettensemble des Salzburger Landestheaters. Performance of works by P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, S. Prokofiev and D. Tel 51 61 Performance for children. Tel 26 87 45 From colourful collective to rising cult band. Experimental jazz musicians present work from their last album, One Armed Bandit. A happy family: motherDoris,fatherWolfgang,daughterJudithandsonDavid.

Beneaththesurface, however, they yearn for a new, heroic life - for heroes. In German. Tel 47 A surreal show by Werner Brix oscillating around the theme of power. Tel 26 62 02 Enjoy free finger food and live DJ sets at this weekly apero night. Rue Emil Mousel. Arlon City centre - www.

Latino jazz. Brazilian Electro found in dance compilations around the world. Tel 45 37 Tel 46 21 Dance performance for children aged four upwards. Tel 26 62 20 Tel 40 08 15 Musical performance aimed at children. Organ played by Paul Kayser.

For three-days 30 museums and art galleries around the town open their doors for guided tours, workshops and performance. For more details, visit www. Musical performance for children. Tel 26 72 39 - Rives de Clausen, 2, rue Emile Mousel. Tel 49 69 Salsa band. Theater Trier Augustinerhof Trier - www. Dress in black or white or both! Tickets 7 euros.

Casino am Kornmarkt Am Kornmarkt Trier - www. Rue Th. Varietyperformance including sketches, comedy and dance. In Luxembourgish. A man and a woman, married for 10 year, explore their sex life in order to keep the relationship going. In French. Tel 49 31 66 rep.

Screening of the Turkish film. Dance workshops for children aged six to seven years old and eight to 12 years old. Childrens art workshop. Tel 22 50 Rives de Clausen, 2,rue Emile Mousel. New on the French music circuit, this year-old starlet plays for the first time at Rockhal.

Tel 26 Musical workshops for children. Tel 52 15 Project uniting Luxembourg and the Lorraine region. Tel 47 96 55 AperitifintheLoungeBarfollowingbyconcertand three-course dinner. The town unleashes its tenth parade. Place Victor Hugo. Tel 54 16 Tel 44 09 Young musicians play music made famous from the Walt Disney films and animations. Tel 26 20 Stirring a cauldron of influences from Messiaen, Ravel and Debussy to Maria Callas, Nina Simone and Django Reinhardt, Anna Calvi may be inspired by musicians from the distant past, but her sound is still very much of the here and now.

Kids jazz spectacle and workshop. Tel 26 34 Website Superuseless. Superuseless lists the kinds of superpowers you never hear about in TV series like Heroes. The answer is obvious when you alight on the site and are greeted with sketches and descriptions of alternative superheroes with the incredible powers to remove the stick from post-it notes, produce snowflakes not a snowstorm but single snowflakes and charm unicorns unicorn whisperer.

This iPad app gives you that chance. It was the second UK number one single after heart of glass. This brings back memories of school discos, Top of the Pops on a Thursday evening and strawberry lip gloss. Simple is not always a bad thing and in this case, the instantly recognisable guitar riff along with the roboticsounding vocals make for a classic. Sexy stuff! Debbie Harry to me is a great female artist as she knew how to connect punk-rock with a glamourous female attitude, blond hair, red lips and of course her special voice.

Well, I did. Patrick Bartz www. The song comprises a weird mixture of genres, one can hear some funk, jazz and various other influences in there but the song has, in the end, a weird psychedelic feel to it. Actually suiting that particular period quite well: Debbie was hanging out with Madonna, Sonic Youth and Andy, getting lost into the NYC nights of Studio54 and the like.

Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! You create pottery with your fingers from molding the clay, to firing it, painting it, and finally sharing it. The app is extremely well made to make it rather effortless to shape and form the clay into all kinds of shaped pottery. You simply place your fingers on both sides of the spinning clay, and either pinch or expand to whichever section you please.

The app has an ordering system where you can make specific pottery, or you can make whatever you please and sell it. As you earn money you can buy new colours and brushes to decorate your pottery. Even when. You glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed you even get to listen to the calming sound of birdsong in the background giving you the sensation that the pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace.

An amazing, therapeutic and uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family and friends! I had the honour of being one of the judges at the event along with Geoff Thompson and Roger Hamer from the Rockhal and I have to say I was very impressed by the whole production. A capacity crowd of over people packed the hall to give their support and vote for their favourite act. Each act performed two songs, one of which had to be an original piece, though many bands did two original songs.

It was really good to see young bands getting up on stage in front of their peers and having the confidence to sing their own songs. Of course some of the bands were nervous. But, there was no doubting the quality of the performers. As for those who did win prizes. In the end we chose the act which was last on on the night, a group called the Pygmy Marmosets.

Theirs was a polished performance of two original, well-constructed and beautifully harmonised songs. Keep an ear open to Ara City Radio, we are always keen to promote new local talent, to hear some of the acts. Sam promises to bring you the best in new and classic pop and rock music and in general entertain you with witticisms throughout the morning… www.

Angrier than Gordon Ramsay after being stung by a nest of bees, the main chef cracks me up with his harder-than-nails cookery act. Why peel potatoes with a peeler when you can gnaw off the skins with your bare teeth? Not forgetting the predinner snack- a jar of mayonaise, lovely! The dramatic music adds to the humour further. As if cooking a dinner for your friends was as risky as being chased across broken glass by an angry rhino.

But, the timing, characters and structure make this vid pure comedy genius. The Swedish chefs have made other clips too but this is by far my fave. Masala tea - a good Masala tea with cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaves to start the day fresh. What brings you to this neck of the woods? My father, he is the one who came first in the s then the rest of the family joined him four years later. Luxembourg — competitive, attractive, lacking? A bit of everything but mostly competitive and attractive.

What do you think will be the highlight of the next 12 months? What would be the first thing you would change if you were Prime Minister of Luxembourg for the day? The Lord of The Rings, the film is good but books are the best. What one thing is guaranteed to make your blood boil? Child labour and animal torture. Where would you recommend someone to have a slap up meal? People say he does the best Tikka Massala in town.

Do you feel that Luxembourg is money obsessed? Have you any hidden talents? I am kind of a mini chef myself. And in Luxembourg? Nothing comes to my mind. But what can I say I guess is that it comes with the territory. The most irritating thing about life in Luxembourg? Like people say the world is a small place, and Luxembourg is even smaller. I go there whenever I have time because I love to read, mostly astrology and history.

Who or what has been your biggest influence? My father M. He is the one who taught me everything about this business, hard work and motivation I owe all of it to him. He just brought me up to be a good person. Esprit lift with? I have great admiration for him. The following juices can have multiple, positive effects on your physical and mental health.

Pack the parsley and green cabbage between the apple and cucumber to be able to juice it properly. Mix the juice with the mango and ice in a high-speed blender. This one is absolutely gorgeous to start the day with. Nutritional info The strawberries both contain enzymes and excellent fibre. The Cacao beans and green tea powder are energising, protect against free radicals as well as protecting against premature ageing.

The lecithin supports various physiological functions as well as supporting brain function and memory. The coconut water contains electrolytes and hydrates the body. The cream from the coconut milk contains excellent fat and keeps the meal well balanced. Omega 3 essential fatty acids from the linseed oil make this a perfect meal. As a member of the Corps Diplomatique, a European institution or an international organization, you know that things can be quite different from one country to another.

One thing we want to keep unchanged, is your joy of driving a BMW. That is why at BMW, we provide personal assistance in all administrative steps, such as getting your CD registration and arranging insurance. And in addition, we offer you our new and particularly attractive sales conditions.

Because we just love to push back frontiers. Environmental information : www. More driving pleasure. The results successfully showcased a wide range of creative talent as well as revealing some budding filmmakers paying homage to the democratic spirit. With over a hundred participants and attractive prizes, including iPads and a 1, euros voucher, the competition proved to be a hugely popular.

Embassy was about democracy. Over a hundred participants competed as individuals or groups while others made it a class project. The jury of four, including guest judge Luxembourg film director Andy Bausch, evaluated the projects based on creativity and execution.

The grand prize went to year-old Jonas Berg Andresen of St. His lively stop-motion video, laced with cut-outs of groundbreaking speeches by Obama and Martin Luther King, had the judges convinced. It makes everyone equal. I was aiming to be really inspirational. He said it took him around 20 hours to make the video, whose main message is that Democracy signifies equality. While most entries offer an overall positive view of democracy, runners-up Christian Muno together with collaborators Raoul Schmidt, Diego, Taipan and Tom Mahnen of the University of Luxembourg were rewarded for taking a more philosophical look at the subject.

With no two entries the same and an additional thirteen honourable mentions, the competing videos ranged from the critical, to the personal, to the quirky. The participants clearly poured in a lot of thought and hard work, as well as acting and even singing talent, making for an entertaining award-giving ceremony. Despite diversity in execution, a common streak was clearly discernible throughout all entries as Democracy was widely associated with individual freedom and largely perceived as a concept to be treasured.

Check out our video from the competition by visiting www. I t will take some time to discover just exactly how much money has been raised but what was evident was the tremendous show of solidarity over the two days. She told the story of how a woman had recently contacted her to say she had been diagnosed with cancer. These personal accounts had given her the courage to fight the disease and to never give up hope. Formed in , the Telstar Scout Group Luxembourg is a scout group for English speaking young people aged between six and eighteen years.

It provides an exciting programme of activities including rock climbing, handicrafts, pioneering, hiking, safety training, environmental awareness and of course camping. T elstar Scouts has currently members and a waiting list of around Chris has been involved in Scouting both man and boy and he clearly still enjoys being involved with Telstar.

We provide training, uniform and out-ofpocket expenses and children of parents offering regular help automatically bypass the waiting list. Campbell, commented that education is one of the top priorities for the US government. This programme, with an annual cycle of applications, offers travel and subsistence grants for exceptional Bachelor students of the university of Luxembourg who wish to study for a term in the US. For , two successful scholars have been selected from a pool of applicants.

US Embassy-Enterprise Scholarship dorecruit. The Compliance Manager should ensure that regulatory requirements are covered in marketing and distribution activities in the countries where the funds are registered for distribution. Do you have several years of experience in a funds compliance regulatory function?

Call or e-mail: mans. Interested call Fin mid Mars, ] Toyota Yaris - 1. Suitable for Suzuki 4X4. Excellent condition. Price to discuss. If interested please phone or contact luxbc hotmail. Phone Interested contact urszikaxati gmail.

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