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Wikipedia betting terms glossary

wikipedia betting terms glossary

The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker. It supplements the glossary of card game terms. Besides the terms listed here, there. Ghost game: a betting scam, first discovered in the early s, in which bookmakers, either by being deceived or as accessories, post odds and take bets on. A marker similar to a kill button, on which a player places an extra forced bet. In a seven-card stud high-low game, the action button is awarded to the winner. ERIC SPORTS

Also " rag ". Compare to " brick ", " bomb ". I won that large pot with my kings, but then I bled it all off over the next hour. Was popular in California before legal rulings made traditional stud legal there. Ted had to make a move soon or he would be blinded away in three more rounds.

The board was A23 but with my pair of fives I held two blockers to the straight. Compare to " dry ace ". It looked like Jim and I were both drawing for a flush. I missed and he bet, but I figured the pair of nines I caught along the way made a bluff-catcher, so I called. If another spade hits the board, I'll have to fold. The set of face-up cards of a particular player in a stud game.

Zack's board didn't look too scary, so I bet into him again. The set of all face-up cards in a stud game. I started with a flush draw, but there were already four other diamonds showing on the board, so I folded. Named for its resemblance to a boat structure; the pair making up the bow and stern, and the three of a kind as the hull. Compare to " blank ", " rags ". For example, in Texas hold'em with the cards on the board, a player holding has the bottom end straight, while a player holding or has a higher straight.

Also " idiot end ". Compare second pair , top pair. You've been in the box for an hour now; don't you get a break? Most house rules treat a boxed card as if it didn't exist; that is, it is placed aside and not used. Different rules cover cards exposed during the deal. For example, a player with J-J may wish to break his pair of jacks to draw for the straight , and a lowball player may break his 9-high A to draw for the wheel.

C Canadian bet — This is a system bet with 26 legs on 5 selections, also known as Super Yankee. Cashback — A bonus that will refund part of your losses incurred while betting. Cashout — This is a special feature that allows you to close an active bet before the end of the match. Coefficient — Another name for odds. Combi bet — A bet combining several selections. All need to win for the bet to win as well.

Decimal odds — These odds are in the form of decimal fractions like 1. Double Bet — An accumulator with only two legs. Draw — A match ending without a winner since nobody scored or the teams scored the same amount of points. Draw no bet — A market which will reward you if your team wins, but will give you back the stake if the match ends at a draw. Dutching — When you bet on several of the possible winners in a system bet so as to gain a sure profit. E Edge — This is another term for advantage, especially in gambling.

The bookmakers usually have the edge. Edit Bet — A special feature allowing you to add, change or delete selections from your active bets. European handicap — A type of market that gives the edge to one team while the chances for draw remain the same. Evens — A type of bet that pays out one unit for every unit bet plus the original stake.

Exotic wager — More niche sports or markets not so popular as football, for instance. F Fixed odds — Predetermined or very probable results, especially in soccer, fixed odds are something most punters look for. Free bet — Some of the betting sites offer free bets to punters as a bonus. You make a bet using the free money as your stake. G Gameplay — The style and performance of a team or player.

H Hedging — When you place a bet that is the complete opposite of your initial bet. Heinz — A system of 57 legs and 6 selections. I Indo odds — Odds that show how much money you have to risk to win 1 unit. Evens can be shown with odds 1. In-Play — A bet placed while the match is live. J Joint Favourite — When two selections share the favourites shortest priced position, they are referred to with this term.

K Kelly Criterion — A special math formula that can determine the best stake to bet in a given betting situation. L Lay — To lay a bet in a sports betting exchange is the opposite of Back. You bet against the prediction of another player. Leg — A selection in a combination bet. Line — All odds open for betting for a specific sports event.

Live — It can refer to odds, sports bets or casino and mean you can watch them live. Lock — A sure win. Lucky 15 — A system with 15 legs and 4 selections in total. M Maximum stake — The max bet you can place on a given betting site. Some professional bookmakers target high rollers so they have no max-stake requirement in place. If the number is positive, it shows how much you will win for every unit you have staked.

If the number is negative, it shows how much you need to stake to win a unit. Martingale — Another math-based system saying that if you double your stake every time you lose, eventually you will come out winning.

Matchbet — A type of bet combining a double of which team is going to win and both teams to score. Multi bet — Another name for combi or combination bet that has more than two legs. Moneyline — You bet that one team will win the match.

Monkey — A term used by the best bookmakers and referring to a bet of EUR. N Nap — A slang meaning the best wager for the day. O Outsider — Another term for underdog or the opposite of favourite. This is the team, player or animal with least chances of winning. Ormond — Yet another system based on mathematics very similar to Martingale but instead of just doubling your stake when losing, you also add a fixed sum to it.

P Parley — A multi bet or an Acca bet with at least two legs. Patent — A system with 7 legs and 3 selections.

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Wikipedia betting terms glossary forex reversal fractal ex.indicator download

Explaining moneyline, spread, and total bets.

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Wikipedia betting terms glossary python bitcoin cash

Explaining moneyline, spread, and total bets.

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