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Forexlive guest trader

forexlive guest trader

Here's a sort of 'Guest Trader' post - old school technical analysis via ForexLive Never miss a trade again with the fastest news alerts in. Chat rooms & forums – Day trading forex live forums are a fantastic way to Live Trading Guest of the Day The Wrap End of show. The GATE, or the Global Active Trading Environment, offers remote traders the TGH Special Guest | Adam @forexlive @FX_Button talks about The ECB. STANLEY CUP BETTING LINES

If there is a correction, enter on the end of the correction. Never enter in a trend that's too steep and the price is no where or at the consolidation phase, signaling that the trend potentially ends. Some trends continue with months or even years and building positions in the direction of the movement can lead to some very outstanding profits. Some may say "Yeah , too long for me to get my profits". Trust me, if you want to distinguish yourself from the gamblers, take it as a real business and to achieve something, you need patience.

Don't rush it. No one became rich in a night or couple of days - in the retail branch. Follow a strict, company money and risk management Even though I work as a professional trader and I follow strict company and risk rules, same applies to the retail traders and everyone else. Proper money and risk management go side - by - side with your discipline and trading routines.

You are managing your own money. Let that sink in. You on you own are a fund manager. So not following risk discipline is a true disrespect towards your money, the art and to the markets. It may be as much just to go tot he casino. You don't deserve your money and to have the opportunity to trade. You need to be grateful that first you've saved money to enter the markets and secondly - that you CAN actually have access to the markets.

From there on you are obliged to respect that opportunity, the spirit of money and trading business. That's why you need to follow a strict risk and money management, even as a retail. Buy low, sell high, look for a correction The tricky part. As mentioned - look for a correction. Observing correction is the way for you to discover the cheapest price to buy and the highest one to sell. For corrections I apply Fibonacci levels on the main trend and on the retracements. In addition I chart the trend lines on the spikes and on the bodies on the candles and I chart the insider fractal diagonals as well.

Doing that gives you a roadmap of the potential movement of the price. Never trade news Simple as that. It's a complete gamble and I've heard a lot of people saying to place limits and stops for both of the direction to catch the move Spread can go super wide, lack of liquidity, slippage, platform stall, extreme volatility. You can't use proper management.

Never trade before earnings This is mostly for the traders that trade stocks like me. As with the news, earnings can be a true gamble as well. Even though they can be more predictive because they rely on actual and real accounting and numbers, and real fundamental facts, for example a trade war, they can lead to surprises as well.

The negative surprises can be a lot more volatile and crushing the price of a stock and the positive. Also earnings are publishes before the opening of the stock market or after the close. In these cases you can't react at all to your opened orders. Which can a lot below your initial stop loss. Have that in mind. Conclusion Trading is not simple. But it can be easy and comfortable if you follow strict rules and be disciplined. Do not listen to others, do not follow other analysis and do not follow signals.

I don't need to explain why Our senior trading team have decades of experience and will be showing you how they make money on a daily basis. This is an opportunity for new traders to learn simple, low risk trading strategies you can use on a daily basis from home to generate a secondary income.

To secure your seat at our Lifestyle Laptop Trader Event click the booking button below and we look forward to meeting you on the 27th August. Ready to Gain an Edge? Secure Your Seat. Register now to learn how to start and build from your own trading account by using ONE strategy The Seminar runs from 8am to 5pm in order to give you the maximum exposure to our tactics.

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