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Jeffrey burns cryptocurrency

jeffrey burns cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency millionaire Jeffrey Berns has revealed plans to develop a large parcel of Nevada's desert into a smart city powered by. Mark Jeffrey – author of one of the first books on Bitcoin – explains how cryptocurrency happened, and why it's about to change everything about money. Jeffrey Burns is a lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire, whose company, Blockchains LLC just bought a huge piece of land in the Nevada. EIBAR VS LAS PALMAS BETTING ON SPORTS

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The central element of this gigantic project will be the blockchain, a new database that was introduced by Bitcoin. Just as Bitcoin allowed to transfer money without using a bank. Burns believes that the blockchain technology will allow ordinary people to control their own data — the lifeblood of the digital economy — without relying on large companies or governments; the breadth of his ambitions is certainly inspiring.

There is a fuzzy edge between these utopian visions and rapid enrichment schemes. The regulator closed several cryptocurrency projects. But he differs from his crypto brothers in spending his money. However, Mr. Burns said he did not want to be a real estate mogul or become even richer.

The blockchain system will work for regulation, and the voting rights will be recorded in a digital wallet. Steve Sisolak — bought into his idea of turning high-desert dirt into gold. Others are intrigued but uncertain of Berns' ability to pull it off. Still others have ridiculed the idea as a dangerous handout to the tech industry.

So who is Jeffrey Berns? The Reno Gazette Journal spoke with former associates, friends and family and reviewed hundreds of pages of court documents to explore the questions: Is he for real? Or just another high-stakes gambler trying to sell a vision in the desert? The son of Alan, a clothing line executive, and Beatrice, a travel agent and stay-at-home mom, the oldest of three grew up in a close family. His penchant for gambling started early in life as a family activity.

Sitting across from his parents and siblings, Berns played poker at the dinner table. The boy was shy at school, but at the poker table he was a risk taker. When he pushed his chips all-in, his siblings conserved. My sister, the exact opposite, would save all her fake chips until they would be cashed in for nothing. I had to take over all responsibility for him. Everything is energy. This became clear around age seven, when his mother caught him doing something she told him not to. What she remembers is the court battle.

He was going to be the defense attorney. His Dad was going to be the judge. His father ruled in his favor. He always had this attitude. Years later, Berns would actually buy a bank. There were circus acts, holiday parties and casino nights. As a political science student at California State University, Northridge, he joined the historically Jewish fraternity Zeta Beta Tau and planned events there, too.

In his early 20s, he started first business, one that would become his first real connection to Nevada and gambling in Las Vegas. Each stop on the junket had a different perk: Coffee, a buffet, cash to gamble. Berns liked to gamble, too. Joyce Higgins, a fellow youth group director, visited Las Vegas with Berns many times.

She said Berns adored the buffets and card tables. He especially liked Pai Gow Poker. But he could be a moody player. You've got to blame it on something, right? It would pay off later. The lawyer Berns went to Whittier Law School and graduated in After passing the bar, he opted not to take the traditional path of joining an established law firm. Instead, he immediately opened his own firm, working as a personal injury attorney. One case involved a woman who was severely burned while driving a catering truck, Berns said, and she got a settlement.

More: Gilman vs Berns: How 'Innovation Zone' pitch set two powerful business magnates at odds Berns has described himself as someone who fights for underdogs and the victimized. In the early s, Berns returned to his alma mater at Northridge to defend his fraternity in a free speech case that centered on offensive material. Demanding reinstatement, Berns contended the university's suspension of ZBT violated the fraternity's First Amendment rights.

It was one of the first cases to get his name printed in a major American newspaper. To avoid an expensive legal battle, California State Northridge backed down. The fraternity was reinstated, but there was backlash. Campus Jewish groups and Chicano activists denounced school officials. At the time, Berns said the fraternity was being vilified. I still would fight for justice, if I felt somebody or some entity was being bullied or singled out.

On the second floor, Suite sits empty. At one time, this was the registered address of a telephone dating service Berns started with an old fraternity brother. F that. Come back here. Let's go into business. Berns had found a dating service called TelePersonals. He pitched Saltzman that they could do it better. Before the internet, single people seeking long-term relationships, casual encounters or partners for their wildest fantasies used services like TelePersonals to find a match.

Users dialed numbers from newspaper classifieds, posted voice personals and listened to listings. Ads for the new company soon appeared in the adult classified section of LA Weekly. At first, these ads were pretty tame, but over the years they became increasingly racy. An early ad showed a man in a striped shirt and tie and a woman in a blouse.

Both pressed corded telephones to their ears. They appeared to enjoy the conversation. But not for the reason you might think. The customer service agent worked the graveyard shift from 6 p. He was popular with co-workers. He injected hospital patients with muscle relaxant that stopped their breathing and caused cardiac arrest.

Saldivar had been arrested in He confessed to the killings, but there was a lack of evidence, and he was released. The following year, he landed a job at TelechaT. Efren came in as an entry level customer service rep and excelled," Berns told the RGJ. Berns recalled the day Saldivar walked into his office to talk.

So he revealed himself to Berns as the "Angel of Death. Employees took a vote, according to the Los Angeles Times. If possible, they would take him back. But Saldivar wouldn't return. In , he pleaded guilty to six counts of murder and received seven life sentences without the possibility of parole.

A low point The TelechaT years were among the most difficult in Berns' life. He entered divorce proceedings with his first wife. He filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He had a newborn son and hated being a lawyer.

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