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Illinois gaming reports

illinois gaming reports

Illinois Gambling Act Disciplinary Complaints The list below provides links to Disciplinary Complaints issued by the Illinois Gaming Board. Disciplinary. Most recent revenue data was reported for September Report Type: Statewide Municipality Establishment. Statewide. Illinois in fiscal year generated $ billion in state taxes from gambling. New forms of gambling have tended to come at the expense of. CRYPTO MINING CASE STUDY

While the IGB has the authority to place restrictions or conditions on any licence issued pursuant to the Illinois Gambling Act or Video Gaming Act, such restrictions are not routinely imposed. Licensees must request approval by the IGB and such approval must be granted during an open meeting. Raffle licence requirements vary by municipality or county. Generally, there are restrictions on the date, time and location of the event, as well as where, and by whom, tickets may be sold and the maximum value of the prize awarded.

Similarly, the initial Organisation Gaming licence, and any renewal, is valid for a period of four 4 years. Each year the licensee, and each Key Person, is required to submit materials to the IGB for its review. In considering the request to renew the licence, the IGB may examine the timeliness and responsiveness of the information submitted, the background, reputation, character and integrity of each Key Person, the continuing ability to maintain the quality of the products, overall compliance with all rules and regulations and any other information the IGB deems appropriate and necessary to maintain the public confidence in the credibility and integrity of gambling operations.

Under the Video Gaming Act, both the initial licence and any subsequent licence are valid for a period of one 1 year. The renewal process for applicants under the Video Gaming Act is similar to the process set forth above for licensees under the Illinois Gambling Act. With respect to Licensed Establishments, it is critical that the establishment maintain a valid liquor licence and be current with all State and Federal tax obligations to remain qualified to hold a gaming licence.

Under the Sports Wagering Act, both the initial master sports wagering licence and any subsequent licence are valid for a period of four 4 years. An applicant and licensee have limited statutory rights in the event of a denial or non-renewal of their respective licence.

The IGB has considerable authority to issue disciplinary actions against licensees. Generally, an applicant or licensee may pursue administrative review of any final decision by the Board in the circuit court, in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedures Act. Please include in this answer any material promotion and advertising restrictions. The Illinois Gambling Act restricts each Organisation Gaming licence to a maximum of 1, gaming positions, if located in Cook County, and gaming positions if located outside of Cook County.

Generally, under the Video Gaming Act, Terminal Operators are responsible for conducting advertising and promotional activities in a manner that does not reflect adversely on, or that would discredit or tend to discredit, the video gaming industry. The advertisement of video gaming is generally not otherwise restricted. As of July 1, , the graduated tax is assessed separately against table games and all other gambling games.

Finally, a reconciliation payment is required based on adjusted gross receipts over a three 3 -year period, as set forth in the Illinois Gaming Act. After payment of the tax and CCS fee, the remaining net terminal income is split equally between the Terminal Operator and the Licensed Establishment. Many municipalities throughout Illinois impose a similar per-VGT or licence fee as well.

Applicants for Terminal Operator, Distributor, Supplier, Manufacturer, Terminal Handler, Technician and Licensed Establishments are required to pay an application fee, a licensing fee immediately upon licensure and an annual fee in connection with each subsequent licence renewal. Under the Sports Wagering Act, the fees vary depending on where the sports wagering takes place.

Applicants for an organisation licence, inter-track wagering licence and OTB licence, as well as applicants for an occupational licence, are required to pay an application fee and renewal fee. Gambling games at Organisation Licensees are subject to the same graduated tax rate as casinos.

Under the Illinois Lottery Law, individuals or entities seeking to obtain a licence to sell lottery tickets are required to pay an application fee and, once granted, a renewal fee each time the licence is renewed. Generally, every person involved in the gambling industry is responsible for maintaining public confidence and trust in the credibility and integrity of all gambling operations and the regulatory process.

In addition, the Illinois Gambling Act requires licensees to post certain signage, including information regarding the availability of resources to address compulsive gambling and the withholding of delinquent child support. In July , the IGB developed a robust voluntary self-exclusion programme which allows individuals to acknowledge a gambling problem, commit to not visiting any riverboat or casino gambling operation and remove themselves from all mailing, marketing and promotional lists and databases.

The IGB remains committed to promoting responsible gaming in Illinois and making valuable changes to the self-exclusion programme. In addition, the IGB imposes certain contracting goals with minority-owned and female-owned businesses. Persons enrolled in the Registry receive regular emails providing information on problem gambling and links to prevention and treatment resources in Illinois.

Participants may terminate their enrolment at any time and registration is open to both in-State and out-of-State residents. Participation in the Lottery is limited to individuals that are 18 years of age or older. Similarly, the Illinois Lottery Law provides for individuals to participate in a voluntary self-exclusion programme for Internet lottery sales. Moreover, each lottery sales agent is obligated to post certain signage regarding compulsive gambling resources.

Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? The U. The Illinois Gambling Act requires all wagering tokens, chips and electronic cards to be purchased from a licensed owner or manager at a riverboat or an IGB-approved on-shore facility located where the riverboat docks. Licensed owners and managers may, however, provide wagering tokens, chips and electronic cards to patrons by extending credit. Are they still in force?

The IGB suspended all casino and video gaming operations on March 13 and March 16, , respectively. On June 9, , the IGB outlined protocols Owners Licensees were required to follow to obtain approval to safely resume casino operations. On June 17, , the IGB outlined protocols Terminal Operators were required to follow in partnership with Licensed Establishments, to obtain approval to safely resume video gaming operations.

On July 1, , the IGB authorised the resumption of casino and video gaming operations, subject to certain restrictions. Initially, the following activities were prohibited in casinos: buffet food service; poker rooms; table game tournaments; and valet parking.

Further, Licensed Establishments were required to: place physical partitions between VGTs or space VGTs in order to allow six 6 feet of social distance; have established cleaning protocols and hand sanitizer stations; suspend food and beverage services indoors; require masks; and prohibit congregating around VGTs.

While COVID precautions imposed on casino and video gaming operations continue to evolve, as of August 30, , there were no capacity restrictions but masks must be worn inside all casinos, Licensed Establishments, and sports wagering locations. In addition, pari-mutuel betting is authorised in accordance with the Horse Racing Act. Due to the limited applicability of online sales and wagering, there are no other material restrictions that impact online supplies. The Illinois Gambling Act allows for approved electronic gaming devices that meet certain minimum standards, subject to the applicable restriction on the number of gaming positions at each riverboat or casino gambling operation.

There are well over seven thousand such licensed establishments with a total of nearly 42, VGTs. The Illinois Gaming Board hosts a website with extensive and thoroughly detailed descriptions of its state gambling laws for Casino Gambling and Video Gaming. Illinois Return Statistics for Slots The Illinois Gaming Board provides gaming regulations and tax collection for slot machine gambling activities in Illinois. It also has gaming control commissions for other forms of gambling including the Illinois Lottery and the Illinois Racing Board.

The return statistics for VGTs at bars and taverns are available monthly from when they obtained their gaming license, some going as far back as No return statistics are available for Illinois casinos.

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