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Tobam crypto

tobam crypto

Christophe Roehri, Directeur Général Délégué de TOBAM, présente le nouveau fonds TOBAM BTC-LINKED AND BLOCKCHAIN EQUITY FUND permettant de. Ashcroft noted that, as the first to launch a Bitcoin Fund in Europe in , TOBAM believes cryptocurrencies have an important role to play in. TOBAM is looking to raise money from institutional investors for Europe's first mutual fund investing in Bitcoin. TEORIA DEI CICLI NEL FOREX

In the firm also launched an open-ended fund which invested in bitcoin. Explaining the main advantages of it, Roehri explained that it is easy to use, efficient, secure and TOBAM integrates a sustainability dimension in the fund by offsetting the carbon footprint of bitcoin. Regulation Looking at the case for industry regulation for cryptos, he said very diverging directions are being seen now.

Some emerging markets already use bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Last September, El Salvador caused ripples by making bitcoin legal tender, for example. In the US, Roehri thinks the regulator will make it possible for investment companies to use bitcoin, with guidelines to accompany the evolution of it rather than to stop it. He said that the UK and Switzerland are also starting to show a positive approach to crypto, whilst it is still unclear what direction the EU regulation will take.

The first step was indeed to build an investment thesis on Bitcoin, and study the fundamental and empirical characteristics of Bitcoin. The proliferation of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies has prompted a lot of interest in the asset class. We consider at TOBAM that all crypto-assets are not equivalent or interchangeable and there are some strong differences.

Bitcoin is for us, by far the crypto asset that is the best diversifier given the liquidity it provides. Ethereum for example which is the second most popular crypto asset by capitalisation, has a market share or trading volumes that remain three times smaller than the one of Bitcoin.

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TOBAM - Exploiter le potentiel du Bitcoin et de la Blockchain au sein de l’assurance vie tobam crypto

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