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Conflict resolution in the workplace between employees provident

conflict resolution in the workplace between employees provident

15, then too you need to continue with this scheme. Only employees who are eligible to stay away from this scheme are those whose salary are more than Rs The conundrum around Aadhaar-UAN seeding for Employee's Provident Fund direct conflict with the judicial pronouncement in Puttaswamy. Sexual Harassment; Workplace Health & Safety; Communication with Media; Conflict of Interest: All employees are required to maintain the highest levels. STOCK TRADING INVESTING

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The Website is specifically for users in the territory of India. In case of any dispute, either judicial or quasi-judicial, the same will be subject to the laws of India, with the courts in Mumbai having exclusive jurisdiction. This is more like a security fund offering various benefits for employees, such as housing care, medical insurance and retirement pension.

It is important to note that companies exceeding 10 employees must provide provident fund benefits to their employees. Therefore, if you have more than 10 employees, then you are liable to have a provident fund scheme for your employees.

Gratuity Policy The gratuity policy is a way for companies to appreciate the services provided by their employees towards the company. The gratuity policy applies to all employees who have provided more than 5 years of continuous service to the organisation. The company is liable to pay a one-time payment as gratuity payout to employees who are either being laid off or resigning, but have provided 5 years or more of continuous service.

This is vital to keeping employees happy and engaged. Moreover, companies are legally bound, as per The Payment of Gratuity Act, , to pay gratuity to their employees. Paternity and maternity leave policy Every company with more than 10 employees is required by law to provide maternity leave benefits to women employees as per The Maternity Benefits Amendment Act, Any woman who has worked with the company for 80 days is entitled to receive the benefits.

According to the act, a pregnant working woman is eligible to get a minimum of 26 weeks of paid leave for the first 2 children and a subsequent 12 weeks of unpaid leave. As of now, there is no law on paternity bills for private company employees. The central government employees are entitled to get paternity leave of 15 days to take care of their wife and surviving child.

There is a proposed paternity benefits bill, , which is still pending government authorisation. Sexual harassment workplace policy A company is required to take or implement decisive rules, human resource policies and regulations to create a safe work ecosystem for women at the workplace. This is not just required by law, but it should be a moral necessity for the company.

According to The Sexual Harassment Act, , the company must implement proper steps to protect women employees and interns as well as any woman who visits the company. Moreover, every company should have a sound sexual harassment policy to address harassment complaints by women employees actively. This includes setting up an Internal Complaints Committee in every company crossing the employee mark to look into the sexual harassment complaints by women at the workplace.

The pandemic has forced many of them to ask their employees to work from home. This has given rise to the need for an adaptive work culture policy to provide greater flexibility to employees to choose their work location or workplace. The adaptive work culture policy should contain proper rules and structures to manage employees working remotely or working from home.

This will create a framework or guidelines for employees to follow when working from different locations. Employment Termination policy Every employer has to face it. Some of your employees may plan to move ahead at some point in their careers. You may also feel that an employee no more fits into your larger scheme of things. These moments are emotional for the employee as well as the employer. Therefore, the employer needs to ensure that they implement a proper leave policy that lays down the steps for an employee who wishes to leave the company.

HR policies are an essential framework that every company needs to ensure smooth functioning. The organization enables its staff to use their creativity and keep coming up with great out-of-the-box ideas and value-added activities. Looking after the employees Flipkart is one of the largest electronic retail giants and provides its employees with unpaid time off to attend to personal commitments.

The organization also offers exceptional discounts for special occasions such as an emergency involving friends or relatives. These benefits are in addition to the standard leaves that are awarded. Because the last thing you want is a botched official document of your organisation that lays down important rules, regulations and procedures for everyone. Needless to say, an unclear document riddled with errors will eventually make your HR team look bad in front of all the employees, especially the leadership team.

So, how do you get it right? Precaution 1 Get the HR policy title spot on Every HR policy document has a title that summarises the contents of the document in the most simple manner. Before your HR team even begins drafting the contents of the policy, they should find a suitable title because it will set the tone and the context for the rest of the HR processes and procedures.

Since your HR policy ties several processes together, an apt policy title will assist employees in identifying and referring to particular processes. Generally speaking, your policy title must be able to answer some basic questions.

For instance, the user-friendliness of the policy, whether the title describes the entire policy, how much it can assist the reader, and if employees, old or new, can comprehend the title. In other words, what is it that you want to achieve when writing HR policies? The simple answer — addressing the questions and doubts of employees without any hassles.

They should be able to look up the policy document and specific points mentioned within. Precaution 3 Keep it crisp and clear When creating the HR policy document, you should be absolutely clear about the language. Can they comprehend the message you want to convey? IF not, then your team has to go back to the drawing board and simplify the language. It should be clear, concise, and simple.

Every procedure or process must be explained in elementary fashion. As a rule of thumb, you should stay away from using industry jargon. While there may be times where you cannot avoid jargon, you should try your best to spell every word, process, or procedure in the most simplest manner. Precaution 4 Sound the alarm in your HR policy wordings Your HR policies should apply to all employees, even for the leadership team. And that is why your policy statement must underline all the rules and regulations.

While you may not need to define the exact actions that will be taken in the event of HR policy terms and conditions not being followed, you can definitely throw in reminders at intervals about the idea of reward and punishment. Precaution 5 Chalk out the outline HR policies for your company must be clearly outlined. And what this means is that the specific guidelines and procedures should be broken down into steps so that call employees can follow and understand them.

Precaution 6 Uncomplicate the complicated Understand one thing, HR policies can be downright confusing and difficult to follow. Which is why your team should be absolutely sure that the policy is written well. And every little policy and rule contained within the policy must be clearly defined. Your readers will try to understand the true meaning behind every small detail in the HR policy. Save them the trouble. Make your intentions loud and clear from the get-go. Since this is the final draft, you should read your policy, then re-read it to oust and rectify any errors.

You need to provide clarity on every little detail and take care of any omissions before the final draft is finalised. Precaution 8 Get additional help The HR policy written by you or by the HR team under your supervision might still have many errors that may go unnoticed. Get help. Someone within the organisation, preferably from the leadership team, who has vast amounts of experience may still have something to say. Share your HR policy with such professionals for additional feedback and comments.

Conflict resolution in the workplace between employees provident ring fenced cash ladbrokes betting conflict resolution in the workplace between employees provident

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If someone misses their deadlines or tasks, it can impact everyone else on the team. Poor communication and resource management can be the fix for these types of issues. Some jobs require a very specific process that needs to be followed, but many roles allow some creativity and innovation. This has become a more common source of conflict in the last two years with more people working remotely because people have specific preferences when it comes to communication.

Dealing with the immense amount of change has been a big contributor to new conflicts in the last two years, but outlining clear expectations can help everybody adjust. Conflicts with Management The final main type of conflict in the workplace is between the employee and someone that ranks higher than them. Some people clash with their direct supervisor and others struggle with someone else on the executive team. Usually, these conflicts are the toughest to work out without some help from an outside resource.

It may be an issue with a specific leadership style or even just a personality difference with someone on another level. Determine How Severe the Issue Is There are some workplace conflicts that are fairly minor and can be solved with a simple conversation to get on the same page. Miscommunications or disagreements about processes or tasks are less severe and usually lead to improvements in the overall process and team bonds.

In some cases, you are faced with harassment or discrimination issues and those are more severe. That brings us to the next important step in resolution. Decide Who Needs to be Involved In the Conversation As we mentioned above, there are some severe conflicts that require the involvement of your human resources team.

They have all the training and proper information to help resolve major conflicts. On the other hand, there are many times that employees can work it out amongst themselves. Encourage them to have those conversations without involving management because it can help them build relationships and get to know each other better. Finding common ground and working through differing opinions will build a stronger team.

As a manager, if you are constantly getting involved with every squabble, it can look like you are micromanaging your team. Use the next few steps to help guide you through those conversations to make sure no one is uncomfortable and that everyone is on the same page. Speak to all parties that were involved separately and gather all the information. Each version of events will be a little different, so draw out a timeline if possible. Talk to anyone that can speak to the situation and get all sides of the story.

Work to Find the Root Cause as a Group Determining the cause of the conflict is the next important step. Focus on the issue instead of the people involved. Working to find the root cause can be imperative to avoid future conflicts between the same group. If the issue is related to resources or process issues, you can solve a conflict and a productivity issue at the same time.

If the issue is personality-based, talking through the differences and identifying triggers can be very helpful. Use all the information that you gathered in the last step. If you put together a timeline, look at the overlaps and where things look like they went in opposite directions. Determine Which Conflict Resolution Strategy Works Best Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann studied conflict and change management and determined that there are five strategies for conflict resolution.

Avoiding is when people just disengage, but nothing is really resolved. Competing is a strategy where people want to win and it can be beneficial in some situations, but often leads to someone being disappointed and feeling like they lost. The third strategy is accommodating. One person is giving up something to the other and not receiving anything in return.

The two strategies that are effective more than the others are collaborating and compromising. When collaborating, a group is working together to figure out what each party can bring to the solution. With compromising, everyone is giving up something, but also gaining something in the solution. The outcome is usually fair with this option. You can decide as a group how to move forward.

Knowing the needs of your employees can help you lead them to a resolution that will work for everyone. One of the best ways to start this step in the process is to brainstorm and ask everyone in the group to throw out ideas.

No idea is a bad one, just throw them all up on a whiteboard or virtual whiteboard. When everyone is out of ideas, start to talk through the ones that are listed and piece together an action plan that works. There are many possible outcomes from this conversation. Ideally, everyone will learn something new and expand their overall emotional intelligence. It may also end with everyone involved figuring out how to agree to disagree. Just be open to any and all options available to resolve the conflicts.

Document Everything The most important task that should come out of any conflict resolution is a well-documented action plan. In order to hold everyone accountable for the agreements they made in the conversation, it should be documented and shared with all relevant parties. If the issues continue to bubble up in the future, you can use that documentation to help address the problems and squash them right away.

Any training materials should be updated so new employees have the most up-to-date process maps and information. Strategies to Cut Down on Conflict At Work Obviously, you want to avoid conflicts as much as possible to continue to keep the morale high and productivity going. While they are inevitable, you can do a couple of things that help reduce the number of disagreements and arguments in the workplace. You need opportunities to observe the body language and facial expressions of your team members.

Having the chance to witness conversations between team members and hear the tone of their voice can help raise a red flag if there are any potential conflicts. You can also witness body language which can give away a lot of information. By hosting regular team meetings, either in person or virtually, you will be able to check in with the entire team and give them the chance to connect with each other in one shared space.

One-on-one meetings with each of your team members allow them plenty of opportunities to bring up any struggles they are facing. Meetings like these will give people the chance to give you a heads up on what is happening and even offer a place to resolve the issues before they get out of control. This document helps protect the organization legally because it is a clear and accessible place for important information for employees.

By having a thorough handbook, you can help avoid many conflicts at work because it will have the rules and expectations for office behavior. The conflict resolution method and collaborative problem-solving are generalized approaches to conflict resolution when two or more parties are willing to work together on an issue. The open door policy This generalized philosophy is intended to show that management supports open dialogue and encourages staff to discuss differences that arise in the workplace.

It is considered an initial step toward conflict resolution. Ombudspersons These are neutral or impartial managers who provide informal and confidential assistance to staff and management in order to resolve work-related disputes.

Ombudspersons may wear a variety of hats, including mediator, fact-finder, consultant, and change agent. Internal peer mediation Some organizations call on designated employees as mediators to help resolve conflict.

This method often addresses issues of a non-statutory nature, such as unfairness. The success of this method rests on the careful selection of peer mediators based on their exemplary communication skills and abilities. Professional mediators Professional mediators are not connected with the organization in any way and function as independent, impartial, third parties who assist the primary parties through a formal mediation process. Mediation is a viable option for creating structure to conflict resolution in an unbiased manner.

Peer review and employee appeals This process is sometimes used by manufacturing organizations in an effort to avoid a union process. The underlying belief is that if at all possible, employee disputes should be resolved internally. Using tools such as questionnaires, activities, and assessments can help employees work through conflict by adding insight and skills to the equation. The following worksheets can be used to provide structure to conflict. Reviewing these worksheets before conflict erupts is a great opportunity to open a conversation and agree upon a conflict resolution process before matters spiral out of control.

The Remaining Calm During Conflict — I worksheet helps clients walk through conflict, providing tips on how to perceive conflict and deal with emotional reactions. The Remaining Calm During Conflict — II worksheet encourages clients to journal about times when they did and did not remain calm during a workplace conflict.

This Conflict Management Styles Assessment , made available by the Blake Group, allows clients to uncover their primary conflict style and includes a description of the five conflict management styles. A look at meditation for conflict resolution This video provides an insightful awareness of our own habitual patterns and how these manifest in us and others during conflict.

Here is another recommended video that helps visualize how to prepare for conflict and build boundaries with others in a calm manner. Conflict Description Template This conflict management template created by the University of Iowa is intended to deal with conflict in a university setting but can easily apply to other teams or departments and used as an intuitive conflict mapping guide.

Coping With Stress in the Workplace Workbook by Ester Leutenberg and John Liptak This workbook by Leutenberg and Liptak contains activities, assessments, journaling prompts, and educational handouts that can be photocopied and used to address conflict in the workplace. Chapters contain resources about how to deal with workplace stress , different personalities, work habits, and relationships. Some resources have been incorporated into this blog. The wide variety of resources include a Cost of Conflict Calculator and tools to enhance cross-cultural communication.

Role-play activity In this Assertive Message Role-Play , participants are presented with various workplace scenarios and encouraged to formulate assertive messages to initiate a discussion about the problem at hand. Helpful Books for Managers and Organizations 1. This one has been used for years to help guide individuals through the communication and conflict resolution process.

Find the book on Amazon. The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration — Mary Scannell This is a useful resource for incorporating activities and games to help employees listen to each other, engage productively, and create a culture of respect.

Topics include conflict, communication, diversity, trust, perspectives, emotional intelligence, and collaboration. Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict — David Lipsky, Ronald Seeber, and Richard Fincher The authors walk readers through the emergence of conflict in the workplace by creating dispute resolution systems for integration in a corporate setting. This is a helpful resource for managers and corporate leaders interested in reducing the corporate costs of conflict.

Ideas discussed in this book can help transform your career, organization, and community. Readers learn how to listen and speak in ways that create safety and inclusion. Resources From PositivePsychology. Assertive communication is essential for expressing our needs and opinions, and defending our rights in a direct and respectful manner. Active Listening Reflection Worksheet Use this worksheet to help clients sharpen listening skills essential for conflict resolution.

The worksheet reviews eight essential skills for active listening and includes a reflection exercise to evaluate which skills we use effectively and which can be strengthened. Blindfold Guiding Exercise This exercise can be used as an icebreaker or as part of a team-building exercise when members are struggling with trust issues. Trust is a crucial element of team stability and is essential when conflict erupts.

In this exercise, one person leads a blindfolded partner using simple statements. As trust builds, the duo can be instructed to speed up, slow down, or attempt to lead with silence. Generating Alternative Solutions and Better Decision-Making This worksheet provides a map to work through problem-solving by considering three solutions to a specific issue accompanied by a discussion on the efficacy, do-ability, and effectiveness of the identified solution.

Use them to help others improve their communication skills and form deeper and more positive relationships. A Take-Home Message Conflict divides. The effects of poorly handled conflict range from disruptive to destructive.

It robs individuals and organizations of precious resources, such as energy, productivity, peace, and harmony. Regardless of our station in life, we all still have lessons to learn. Will we ever be free of conflict? Perhaps we can look at it another way. Are you facing an unresolved conflict at work or in your personal life? Try not to be discouraged; instead, think of it as your next life lesson waiting to be discovered. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Conflict Resolution Strategy for Workplace

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