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Steve twain btc

steve twain btc

Investigators from the Hawks probing bitcoin trading platform Mirror Trading a person known as "Steven Twain", had disappeared. Possible scam of BTC Global's Investors leads to $50 million lost. at the company was the forex and commodities trader Steve Twain. STEVEN TWAIN does not exist. There is no trading going on, by him or any other person. This is a Ponzi Scheme, nothing else. The posts on facebook and the. DAU TU VAO FOREX MARKET

It also used a multilevel marketing scheme to rapidly recruit new members. BTC Global had a master trader managing the pooled funds, while MTI claimed to have a magical AI-powered trading bot that could deliver consistent returns of 0. Steynberg last communicated with MTI members from Brazil and he is currently suspected to be in Panama, though his whereabouts are unknown.

Caw said that he was not involved in MTI, except for offering a single proposal early on that he said would enable MTI to deliver cryptographic proof of its Bitcoin holdings. Cheri Marks has denied owning or being in control of BTC Global, stealing funds through the scheme, setting up fake profiles for Steven Twain, or knowingly promoting anything illegal.

Cheri was linked to BTC Global in the public domain and that destroyed her reputation in the industry. She decided to pursue a conventional business like MTI which had a visible and present CEO and where one could witness actual trades. One would have to question the wisdom of knowingly promoting a Ponzi scheme with your real identity. While the Bitcoin markets were rallying, they were able to constantly meet their weekly payments. However, as the price of Bitcoin started to fall in early February, the payments started to slow.

The clients started to wonder how safe their investment really was and why Steven was doing so poorly in the financial markets. There were many contradictory stories that were given including that Steven had become a new dad and could not trade for a few weeks. Then, the story suddenly changed to Steven having suffered a house break in with the thieves taking off with all of his trading equipment. These contradictory statements led many to believe that the admin team was in fact complicit and could have been much more than unwitting participants.

Irrespective of the assumptions, the following has now been placed on the BTC Global site. We are as shocked and angry as everyone. But we all knew the risks involved in placing funds with Steven. We all became complacent with Steven. And all of us funded him independently. They then also claim that they are unable to locate Steven and they ask for anyone who has information as to his whereabouts to please get in touch.

What Was the Impact It is sad to say that this Ponzi scheme has managed to ensnare thousands of people. The directorate of public prosecutions stated that they have received over 27, complaints from people all across the country. As with many scams of this nature, those who lost the most tended to be the people who could not afford it. While most of the victims appear to be South Africa, there are reports of victims in other countries including the USA and Australia.

Specifically, they targeted Cheri Ward and made numerous death threats. This prompted her to get a protection order. The website noted: We call for the threats, harassment and violence on leaders and admin to stop. It is unfathomable that people can behave like this.

There are also investigations underway by both the local authorities and a private investigator. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the victims will get any of their money back. The Bitcoin that they sent to the operation has likely already been laundered and banked. What Can be Learned This is no doubt an upsetting example of investments that sound too good to be true.

This was a well known scam in the South African cryptocurrency community. Those who invested in the scheme viewed sceptics with suspicion and ate up the tripe that was concocted by the admin team.

Steve twain btc bulls vs wizards predictions


It also attracted me and encouraged me to get in-depth information about this company so that I can share it with you not like an affiliate but as an advisor so that you can make a right decision if you want to join it as I am NOT involved with this company in any way. That is a little hard to believe considering binary trading is a complete scam but that is at least what they claim.

He is providing trading services for the company in order to make daily percentage returns. Who Is Steven Twain? Is he simply a genius trader? They claim your invested capital will be returned within days via Bitcoin.

We, therefore, recommend that you contact a personal financial advisor before carrying out specific transactions and investments. There forex and commodities trader steve twain a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, forex and commodities trader steve twain, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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