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Crypto ban

crypto ban

The White House has floated the possibility of limiting or eliminating the proof-of-work mechanism that underpins Bitcoin and its blockchain. The Fed rules out a crypto ban Last October, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that it was appropriate to regulate cryptocurrencies. It is morally unjustifiable that huge amounts of electricity / resources are wasted on bitcoin farming. So far, cryptocurrencies only serve speculators /. WHAT IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROWTYPE AND TYPE RECORD PL/SQL REPLACE

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This is simply because this approach damagingly comes at the risk of stifling benign innovation which could carry the weight of lost opportunities downstream. It will be useful to recall that many of the fintech products leading the charge towards financial inclusion and improving delivery of financial services today were not seen with the same confidence a few years ago.

There were odd calls for their bans then which thankfully were not acted upon. RBI serves as a timely reminder to regulators and lawmakers that any action that restricts any occupation trade or business must be reasonable and within the scheme of Article 19 1 g of the Indian Constitution.

In other words unless there are unavoidable tangible harms that necessitate a blanket ban on crypto-assets judicial scrutiny is likely to be tough. The burden of proof that rests on the government to show that larger public interest warrants a prohibitory approach in respect of these assets has not yet been discharged.

If regulation and not banning is the agreed way forward it is important to understand the reasons why Indian regulators did not act immediately on regulating this emerging nay exploding asset class. Regulators are bound by their existing mandates under their parent legislation on what they can and cannot do.

Reportedly Indian regulators are fighting over turf— this time arguing that it is outside their respective turfs. Based on this and other relevant considerations the report recommended the setting up of a unified financial agency that would implement consumer protection law and micro-prudential law for all financial firms other than banking and payments.

It is time for us to revisit the unified financial regulatory architecture so that we are not looking for the right agency to regulate an activity while unregulated activity thrives often at the expense of gullible consumers. To sum up usually innovation happens by taking liberties on the margins of law. It is often the regulatory framework that has to find a way to catch up and regulate it. Given the characteristics of crypto-assets regulators ought to build capacity in both the technological and economic aspects of crypto-assets.

Fundamentally the points of market failure in crypto-assets leading to risks for consumers are similar to those in other financial products and services. However the decentralised management of crypto-assets may also trigger unique points of market failure. Developing regulatory capacity to understand and monitor this activity is crucial for customer protection as well as preserving the incentive for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Russia, India, and other countries have also feared about cryptocurrencies affecting their financial systems. The US, on the other hand, is not one of the countries that are looking to fully ban cryptocurrencies - at least not yet. In fact, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said in the fall that there are no intentions of banning cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, reports in the media suggest that President Joe Biden is planning to issue an executive order that will advise government agencies to take a look at cryptocurrencies and currencies from the central bank. The order is reportedly delayed because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The only crypto change that is confirmed is how transactions will be reported in the future. In other words, the IRS is going to keep close tabs on you if you are buying a selling cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Ban in India - The Truth Behind Crypto Ban in India

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