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Between a rock and a hard place chapter 7 summary

between a rock and a hard place chapter 7 summary

Ralston tells his survival story of when he was trapped for 6 days in one of the most remote parts of America. The hike begun as normal; however, soon into the. Book Summaries, Chapter Analyses, Themes, Discussion Topics and More! He says that Amir thinks of Hassan as a servant, not a friend. Hassan states that he and Amir are friends, and he picks up a rock. He throws the rock at Assef. BETTING GAMES WITH FRIENDS

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Between a rock and a hard place chapter 7 summary kalk reactor vs drip investing


With the exception of Kane, all appeared jaded - Merlin looked terrible. Arthur struggled to keep his mind focused. It was ridiculous; the rock was not worth this disruption. Lord Kane's presence had caused nothing but unrest and distress. The noble had promised that the 'Veritas Saxum' would transform the castle; well, it had certainly done that. Arthur studied the hunk of polished black stone in pride of place on the round table.

It was no bigger than a man's fist and it was hard to reconcile this unassuming object with the power it held. The king was ashamed to admit he had been seduced when he'd heard of its heritage. Tomorrow he would tell the noble he could take the dark crystal with him when he went - and in Arthur's opinion, he couldn't go soon enough. Arthur's thoughts bounced back and forth as the meeting droned on. A loud snort and suppressed giggles made the royal's head spin around. He spied his servant covering his mouth with one hand, looking clammy and swaying slightly.

Arthur was livid; he could not believe it. No, Merlin. Not here; not now. Everyone had different ways of coping with pressure and Merlin was known to spend time in the tavern. The king was sure he'd smelt a faint whiff of alcohol on his servant's breath a few days ago after Merlin disappeared for the afternoon with Gwaine, but surely he wouldn't turn up for work drunk and embarrass his king? Arthur may not particularly care for the lord, but he certainly did not want a servant's lack of protocol to disgrace the kingdom.

Arthur glared at Merlin. Anger flared as hot and explosive as lava, completely obliterating all previous concerns the monarch may have had for his friend. The meeting must end immediately; there could be no more incidents. He would certainly have words with Merlin now - even if the man looked like he was about to keel over. Arthur's agitation mounted as he watched his servant's gaze flit around the room at everything except his king.

Finally, Merlin's eyes locked with his. Arthur let his displeasure be known by drawing two figures across his throat - a clear message that Merlin was in trouble and should pull himself together. The dark-haired man had stared wide-eyed for a moment, frozen in time.

Then he bolted. Merlin tore through the council chambers and flung open the door. His footfalls echoed through an empty corridor then faded to nothing, leaving a stunned and silent room. Arthur was held immobile by two opposing forces: instinct and duty. He was torn between chasing after Merlin and staying still - what king would run after a lowly servant? He did not hear the sounds of a second pair of feet swiftly leaving the room or the murmur of subdued chatter. He'd half-hoped Merlin would be heard retching outside, confirming his suspicions about excess alcohol, but the look his servant had given him said otherwise.

It was not the face of someone inebriated; it was full of terror and desperation - the same expression he'd seen on the battlefield countless times before striking an enemy down. He'd never expected to see it on the face of his friend. Arthur stared blindly at the black rock and tried to gather his thoughts, but failed.

He was numb, as if doused in ice water. He barely noticed a scrape of a chair and rustle of fabric as his queen stood and addressed the room. Guinevere's hand slipped into his. Arthur was surprised to find the council chambers empty and the black stone gone, his keen eyes having failed to register everyone's departure.

Arthur pushed back his chair and started to rise. I've rescheduled the rest of the meeting for tomorrow - whatever it is Lord Kane wishes to discuss can wait until then. He got up slowly, hand still encased in his wife's. The king vowed he would restore order to his kingdom — this chaos had gone on long enough. Lord Kane would leave and everything would go back to how it was before.

There was no sign of Merlin. Gwaine had run after him almost immediately but the servant had vanished. The knight repeatedly searched the castle - nothing. Eventually a guard had told him, somewhat pompously, that Merlin had been sighted heading for the forest approximately half an hour ago.

The knight cursed, regretting ever convincing the guards they must let the king's servant pass. Gwaine reached the edge of the trees and realised it was now dark and he could not see to pick up a trail. Ralston opens his story with an introduction to the setting of his adventures in the American West. His goal is to bike, climb, and hike his way over a thirty-mile terrain within one day.

He brings with him a gallon of water, two burritos, five chocolate bars, and a chocolate muffin, as well as his canyoneering equipment, a multi-tool, and a pack with digital accessories such as his CD player and digital camera. Early on in his travel, he meets two women with whom he hikes for a short while before parting ways. At p. The boulder pins his right hand and wrist against the wall.

Ralston quickly assesses his situation and understands the likelihood that he will die trapped in this canyon. While Ralston contemplates his frightening situation, he also journeys through his memories, remembering his first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park where he fell in love with mountains. He remembers one of his first brushes with death when he came face to face with a black bear. A couple of hours after becoming trapped, Ralston begins to chip away at the boulder with his multi-tool, but soon sees the effort is futile.

The only real way he can escape is by cutting off his right arm, but he does not believe he has the tools to do so. He tries again to dislodge the boulder using other techniques but makes little progress. As the story continues, it seems life and death experiences frame his life. He takes into account how lucky he has been through all his adventures thus far.

Mosquitos attack Ralston and he makes a game of killing them.

Between a rock and a hard place chapter 7 summary mma betting trends college

Analysis of 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' by Aron Ralston

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