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Ethereum hack reddit

ethereum hack reddit

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After about 10 months working on Ethereum, Christoph wanted to take it to the next level. He formed slock. Joe Lubin was there that day. Christoph received warm welcomes as he went around introducing people to smart locks. The idea gained a following, and now he had to figure out how to fund its development. He soon realized that his desire to build a DAO could be fulfilled, and he began to figure out how it would work. But he not only had to figure out the mechanics of the smart contract.

There were thornier issues, like would the slock. They had lawyers working on this question in NewYork, Switzerland, and Germany. How the heck do you do that? Christoph and the rest of the slock. Then they had to contend with what a regulator like the [U. Would a DAO token be deemed a security? According to slock.

What does that say about what Ethereum did with its ether crowdsale? Remember,these are distinct events. The Ethereum cofounders — including Gavin Wood, Vitalik, and Mihai Alisie — sold ether to the public in mid- to raise money to fund development of the Ethereum blockchain. A discrete, small group of people earned a lot of money through the Ethereum token sale.

Then the DAO comes along and slock. See the inconsistency? On the U. No one in the government was paying attention to what was going on with the nascent ICO market. Now, back to the DAO. The people who bought DAO tokens never gave their money to Christoph or anyone at slock. They were in control of it the whole time and only interacted with a smart contract that exchanged their ether for DAO tokens.

They could get their ether back if they wanted to. The brightest minds in Ethereum at the time also gathered to act as a sort of fail-safe mechanism to prevent an attack against the DAO. The group was meant to signal that the smartest people in the room had looked at the DAO and implied a type of seal of approval. The curators were exposed as nothing more than window dressing, however, after a number of security flaws were found in the DOA code.

The DAO public slack channel soon boasted 5, members. That seemed manageable. But as the months came and went, a new concern began to gnaw at Christoph. Once released into the world, it was unstoppable. That was a hell of a lot of pressure to handle when the code you are writing in has only been in existence for a few months and bugs are being found in it on a seemingly constant basis.

In March of , slock. The company specializes in examining and testing software meant to power the IoT. Christoph went to Seattle for a week to work with the Deja vu Security team. I was really nervous, what did I get into here? There was still time to say no, he thought. Then there was the wider community, who were watching every development. There were smaller projects here and there but nothing with the scope and ambition of what the DAO wanted to do.

You can see its influence on the price of ether. As began, the only things the Ethereum community had to look forward to in terms of progress were new versions of the base layer software being released. This is why the DAO was vital. The demand to become part of the DAO was the fuel. Everyone was in on it. The stress was winning. The Jentzsch clan had lived in the Mittweida area since the s.

His parents have 36 grandchildren. Christoph also had a strong connection to his Mormon faith. And still he felt he was getting sucked into the chaos: he went up and down in depressive fits. Like the DAO code, it seemed unstoppable once deployed. Griff Green was in Mittweida on the day of the attack. He called Simon and Simon called Christoph. Before becoming slock. The pressure made him physically ill several times. God, please, let this be the end of all that. But Christoph also felt a strong sense of responsibility.

He believed in the ideas underpinning DAOs. Does this destroy DAOs? A DAO is what got him into Ethereum in the first place, the moment he realized its potential. That breakthrough is what made Christoph pause his PhD studies and start working for Ethereum in And then, improbably, he built one: the biggest DAO ever built, in fact, which made it a fat target. In one sense, if toasters and door locks were allowed to have bank accounts the DAO never would have happened.

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