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Crapshoot investing jim mctague barrons

crapshoot investing jim mctague barrons

Crapshoot Investing, by Barron's Washington Editor Jim McTague, was published recently by FT Press. The book explores the rise of. Jim MCTague, former Washington Editor Barron's Magazine. My book, Crapshoot Investing, Chapter you will find a wonderfully succinct summation. Michael Martin Interview with Barron's Jim McTague. Michael Martin interviews Jim McTague, author of Crapshoot Investing, on the issue regarding High. CRYPTO ISAKMP DISCONNECT NOTIFY

Cash under the mattress or in a coffee can? Far more secure than the ticker tape. Jim McTague pulls no punches in telling the alarming story of how these markets have been transformed into risky casinos. If you plan to be one of the winners, this is a book for you. It hurtles along, avoiding the obstacles that lie in the path of investors, devilishly constructed by Wall Street and haplessly beyond the ken of the regulators. It is not a book that makes you feel good about your K, but you will laugh aloud often.

The equity markets play a central role in the allocation of scarce resources to many of the most productive enterprises that provide jobs for workers, and goods and services for consumers. Errata List of mistakes and corrections noted after printing, often compiled on a separate sheet or slip and inserted into the text block. Flyleaves Additional blank leaves following or preceding the endpapers. Folio Book composed of sheets that are folded once and printed on both sides, making two leaves and four pages.

Typically above 14 inches tall. Oblong folios are produced the same way but bound at the short edge, producing a book typically more than 14 inches deep. Fore-Edge Edge of the book furthest from the spine. Occasionally the text of a book will be put into a specialized book press and painted, often with a scene from the book or a landscape, so that the painting is invisible when the book is closed but visible when somebody bends the text and fans the pages—known as a fore-edge painting.

Foxing Light brown spots that naturally appear on some papers due to oxidation as they age. Frontispiece An illustration facing the title page of a book. A single gathering of a quarto book, then, would be a sheet folded twice, containing four leaves, eight pages of text..

Gilt Edges The three exposed edges of a book have been smoothed and gilded. Remaining half-titles are therefore of interest to collectors. Illuminated Decorated by hand. Typically early printed books and especially manuscripts. Incunable From the cradle of printing, i. Issue A group of books issued by the publisher as a discrete unit. Japanese Vellum Expensive handmade paper often used in deluxe editions. Lithograph Illustration produced by transferring an image drawn on a carefully prepared stone to paper.

The process allowed illustrations to more closely resemble the original drawings, paintings or sketches, as it gave the lithographer a freedom of line impossible to achieve in earlier intaglio and relief processes. It does not require the same sort of pressure as an engraving to transfer the image, but still has to be printed on separate stock from the text Marginalia Handwritten notes made in the margins by a previous owner.

Not uncommon in older, larger books, it is not considered a defect, so long as all integral leaves are present. Morocco Binding material made from goatskin—versatile, durable, with a distinctive pebbled texture and visible grain. So-called because much of the raw material originally came from the tanneries of North Africa other types of goatskin bindings denoting regions of origin include levant, turkey, niger.

Offset The unintended transfer of ink from one printed page to an adjacent page. The term implies that the binding is modern, or recent, unless otherwise specified. Plate Full-page illustration printed separately from but bound with the text. Point Variation in text, illustration, design or format that allows a bibliographer to distinguish between different editions and different printings of the same edition, or between different states or issues of the same printing.

Presentation Copy Book given as a gift by its author, illustrator or publisher. Sometimes refers to a volume given by a notable donor. Provenance History of a particular copy of a book. Raised Bands Horizontal protruding strips found on the spine of a book.

Reback To supply a worn binding with a new spine, usually made of the same material as the rest of the binding and decorated to match. Recto The front side of a leaf. Uncut When the edges of the text block most apparent at the fore and lower edges have not been trimmed to a uniform size, and are therefore characterized by a ragged or deckle edge. A book may be uncut but opened—i. Unopened When the folds of the sheets of paper making up the text block have not been trimmed away or opened with a paper-knife.

While this makes it impossible to read all of the pages, it also indicates a probability that the text block has not been altered since leaving the printer. Vellum Binding material made from specially treated calfskin—durable, with a distinctive ivory color and smooth appearance.

Crapshoot investing jim mctague barrons crypto canid species crapshoot investing jim mctague barrons

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