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Asonia better place

asonia better place

Better Place song by Saint Asonia now on JioSaavn. English music album Saint Asonia. Download song or listen online free, only on JioSaavn. Tabbed by: SoarStaraptor Saint Asonia - Better Place 'Tab' This is a tab of Better Place by the new band Saint Asonia. Now learn! Watch Saint Asonia's video for Better Place by RCA Records. See Saint Asonia and all top music recording artists from RCA Records on All Access Videos. I SEE MONSTERS UK FOREX

A number of passersby, who we learn all have issues of their own, gather around as the vocalist perilously performs from the window ledge, slipping and holding on for dear life until he's rescued. But the message has reached its intended target with a number of members of the crowd standing up for themselves and making a move to find a "better place" in their lives. Gontier says, "I had a very clear vision of what I was trying to convey with this song and working together with P.

Brown was a great experience. This video really makes the song come to life and is very meaningful to me personally, as I hope it will be to those who watch it. We got offered a slot to be a special guest as the first band on the main stage on Saturday. It is such a great festival and so many great bands.

Things went down and it was great. It ended up being 10 to 15, people were there. Photo Credit: Mike Bruton via Facebook Gontier explained how Mushok reached out to him about writing songs, following his own departure from Three Days Grace, and which later morphed into what is now known today as Saint Asonia. He was the one that reached out to me after I left Three Days Grace. He had some music and he wanted to know if I wanted to help him out with it.

We got down to writing and the process went really well and now here we are. We wrote ten songs and it sounded pretty cool to us so we decided to go into the studio and make a record. He had a lot of riffs and parts, so we wrote melodies over what he had. The recording process when we were in the studio, Rich Beddoe, our drummer has been a friend of mine forever so he was always a part of things.

He came in and played drums on the record. My uncle Tom Duffy played bass on those songs on the record. We all recorded on the record for sure. We got Corey Lowery after the recording of the album was done. Plus he shared how writing in this band differed from how he worked in his previous band. We had to go down to Nashville to co-write songs with country songwriters.

Then what ended up happening was a real raw heart filled record from front to back. While his playing is somewhat conservative on Staind albums, he got to play around with heavier tones and occasional soloing on a couple songs, which even surprised Gontier during the writing process. I think we both on this project had a lot of creative freedom on there. If he wanted to lay down a solo in certain songs, then he would do it if the song called for it.

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Saint Asonia – \ asonia better place

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