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Crypto mathematics

crypto mathematics

Cryptography touches on a broad range of topics and is one of the most fascinating applications of maths. By the end of this short course, we will have. The course covers basic concepts in encryption and the mathematical problems, with associated mathematical theory, which is the basis for applications in. dicrete logaritm · prime numbers (not just what the are) · galois fields/finite fields · elliptic curves · boolean algebra (especially if you ever intend to. FOREX PROFESSIONAL TRADER

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What the puzzle is asking is this: can you and Annabel agree on a way to compare your information without giving anything away? In the latter case, you will not have leaked any information to Annabel, nor will she have leaked anything to you. I agree, it sounds impossible! But today is different since I am asking you to contort your brain in a way you have probably never contorted it before.

And there are many solutions, each with strengths and weaknesses. STEP 2 You write down the number of the person you suspect on a piece of paper. Annabel does the same. STEP 3 You hand Dan the two pieces of paper, and you ask him to tell you if both pieces have the same number. If Dan says the numbers are the same, you know the suspects are the same. If the numbers are different, the suspects are different, and neither you nor Annabel are any the wiser about who the other person suspects.

Job done! First, it relies on there being a Dan, i. More importantly, you are both revealing some information to Dan. The whole point of this exercise is to never reveal anything to anyone. Is there a way that does not involve anyone else? Feel free to make suggestions below the line about how you might want to approach the problem. I mentioned at the top that the Abel Prize honoured one of the pioneers of the zero-knowledge proof.

At the time, this result was a purely theoretical advance, but in recent years zero-knowledge proofs have found important applications in digital security, especially in cryptocurrencies and authentication systems. The zero-knowledge proof allows two people to establish trust while revealing nothing. If you are interested in finding out more about the work honoured by the Abel prize, you may enjoy this short video I made for the Abel Prize that was broadcast during the announcement ceremony.

You want to check with Annabel that you both suspect the same person, but neither of you are willing to identify your suspect just in case you are thinking of different people. Because of office politics, no one wants to point fingers. Think of a method that allows you and Annabel to check whether your suspect and her suspect are the same person, without either of you revealing any information about your suspects. Here are three of my favourites: 1. Ask Annabel to log on to that website as you.

If she gets in, that means she has typed in the same name. Pro: Very easy to implement. Con: do you trust the computer? Book a flight Call an airline and book a flight under the name of your suspect. Ask Annabel to call the airline and cancel the booking of the name of her suspect. Con: you are giving information away, even if you are giving it to someone who is bound to secrecy.

The Cups Agree on a numbering from 1 to of the staff. Line up identical cups so that each is in a position marked from 1 to You and Annabel take identical slips of paper. You and Annabel place your YES slip in the cup of number of the person you each suspect, and the NO slips in the other cups. You then rearrange the cups so no one knows which is which. Finally, you go through the cups unfolding the slips.

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Cryptography - Part 1

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