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Battery switch station better place to work

battery switch station better place to work

adoption and use of electric vehicles in this new switching-station-based electric vehicle and the now failed start-up Better Place (Girotra et al. In a plausible scenario of a smart city where electric vehicles are widely used,. Battery Switching Stations (BSS) might replace the current gas stations. A network of automated battery swapping stations that would replace This work with Nissan echoes Better Place's one partnership with. OTB BETTING BASEBALL LINES

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Battery switch station better place to work devere crypto


Their initial idea was that garaged vehicles would have a two-way computer-controlled connection to the electric grid, which could receive power from the vehicle as well as provide power to it. Bidirectional charging uses an inverter about the size of a breadbasket, located either in a dedicated charging box or onboard the car. This is a vexing question. Car owners can earn some money by giving a little energy back to the grid at opportune times, or can save on their power bills, or can indirectly subsidize operation of their cars this way.

But from the time Kempton and Letendre outlined the concept, potential users also feared losing money, through battery wear and tear. That is, would cycling the battery more than necessary prematurely degrade the very heart of the car? Those lingering questions made it unclear whether vehicle-to-grid technologies would ever catch on. In the United States in , the University of Delaware and the New Jersey—based utility NRG Energy signed a technology-license deal for the first commercial deployment of vehicle-to-grid technology.

Their research partnership ran for four years. In the United Kingdom, experiments are now taking place in suburban homes, using outside wall-mounted chargers metered to give credit to vehicle owners on their utility bills in exchange for uploading battery juice during peak hours. Other trials include commercial auto fleets, a set of utility vans in Copenhagen , two electric school buses in Illinois, and five in New York.

These pilot programs have remained just that, though—pilots. None evolved into a large-scale system. That could change soon. Concerns about battery wear and tear are abating. Last year, Heta Gandhi and Andrew White of the University of Rochester modeled vehicle-to-grid economics and found battery-degradation costs to be minimal. As vehicle-to-grid technology becomes feasible, Utrecht is one of the first places to fully embrace it.

The key force behind the changes taking place in this windswept Dutch city is not a global market trend or the maturity of the engineering solutions. It has evolved into a car-sharing fleet operator with electric vehicles of various makes and models—mostly Renault Zoes , but also Tesla Model 3s , Hyundai Konas , and Hyundai Ioniq 5s.

Drawing in partners along the way, Berg has plotted ways to bring bidirectional charging to the We Drive Solar fleet. His company now has 27 vehicles with bidirectional capabilities, with another expected to be added in coming months. In , Willem-Alexander, king of the Netherlands, presided over the installation of a bidirectional charging station in Utrecht. Production Zoes capable of bidirectional charging have yet to come out. These are production cars with modified software, which Hyundai is making in small numbers.

It plans to introduce the technology as standard in an upcoming model. We Drive Solar is not a free-flowing, pick-up-by-app-and-drop-where-you-want service. Cars have dedicated parking spots. Subscribers reserve their vehicles, pick them up and drop them off in the same place, and drive them wherever they like. On the day I visited Berg, two of his cars were headed as far as the Swiss Alps, and one was going to Norway. In the early s, he started a local service provider called LomboXnet, installing line-of-sight Wi-Fi antennas on a church steeple and on the rooftop of one of the tallest hotels in town.

When Internet traffic began to crowd his radio-based network, he rolled out fiber-optic cable. In , Berg landed a contract to install rooftop solar at a local school, with the idea to set up a microgrid. He now manages 10, schoolhouse rooftop panels across the city. Berg did not learn about bidirectional charging through Kempton or any of the other early champions of vehicle-to-grid technology.

He heard about it because of the Fukushima nuclear-plant disaster a decade ago. He owned a Nissan Leaf at the time, and he read about how these cars supplied emergency power in the Fukushima region. That led to more contacts, including at the company managing the local low-voltage grid, Stedin. After he installed his charger, Stedin engineers wanted to know why his meter sometimes ran backward. Later, Irene ten Dam at the Utrecht regional development agency got wind of his experiment and was intrigued, becoming an advocate for bidirectional charging.

Berg and the people working for the city who liked what he was doing attracted further partners, including Stedin, software developers, and a charging-station manufacturer. By , Willem-Alexander, king of the Netherlands , was presiding over the installation of a bidirectional charging station in Utrecht.

They really want to get to the next step. Those next steps are taking place at a quickening pace. Comment Now! Shai Agassi's ambitious Better Place project has been rolling out plans for test-market EVs around the world for over a year now, and today the project took a huge leap forward with the demonstration of its first automated battery swapping station.

The proof-of-concept facility was demonstrated in Yokohama, Japan. Using a modified Nissan Dualis Qashqai to demonstrate the battery swap, Better Place showed how electric car owners can quickly and easily fill up with a full charge - without ever leaving their cars. It takes about a minute in all, shuttling a new battery up into the vehicle and returning the depleted one for charging and reuse.

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Better Place Battery Switch Station Model


In Better Place's demonstration battery switch stations, a robotic arm removes the depleted battery and replaces it with a full one and the driver is back on the road. During , Better Place operated a demonstration battery switch station in Tokyo allowing three specially equipped cabs to exchange their car's depleted battery pack for a miles km fully recharged one in Better Place is using the same technology to swap batteries that F jet fighter aircraft use to load their bombs. Better Place battery switch stations are claimed to support multiple battery types of all kinds of electric cars as long as the battery can be removed from under the car.

A battery switch station using only 15 batteries has the ability to swap batteries for 2, EV's. It takes about as long as it does to fill a gas tank, the company said. When swiped, a personal ID card tells the system who you are and how much charge you need.

You plug a cable into the car, wait a few hours, and drive away fully charged. Similar to other electric cars, the Fluence's range is about miles and it can reach 60 mph in several seconds. The power and speed of the car are also adjustable and can be controlled from an outside computer. You can do whatever you want. Dozens of switch stations are now in place in Israel. Australia, Japan and Denmark are next.

But getting the United States as a whole on board will be a challenge, some experts say. It's very concentrated. Even northern California would be hard to They took about years to build. Market in 15 Years But Agassi stayed focused on the possibility that Better Place charge stations could be a reality here. But so far, none of the American automakers have bitten, which Agassi said he found "astonishing.

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Launch of BetterPlace European Center // Battery Switch Process battery switch station better place to work

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