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Roojoom etoro forex

roojoom etoro forex

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Be prepared with answers why you think they are a good fit, before you send the first email. Like said above do your research 6. Get your name out there, so when you contact an investor there is a good chance he has heard about you. Go to meetups there are a few every week , Talk to people, help other startups, in sum "get your name out there" 7. Above all - Be honest. No one likes to invest in people who don't tell the truth and at the end of the day that is what the investor is doing - investing in people.

It lets you connect your phone instantly to any TVs or projectors without requiring a lengthy setup, an internet connection or a laptop. The service is based on a smartphone application that enables parking space owners to rent their PS by the hour.

Tel AvivSharing EconomyTrekkingin. This enables hanging and changing displays effortlessly, in a snap. Tel Aviv area Dentver Ltd. Tel AvivAugmapleG. Our platform introduces a new exciting user experience using a smartphone for interaction with objects in the environment.

Tel AvivFitfully. This is due to fitting issues. Fitfullys Virtual-Fit-as-a-Service platform enables online consumers to virtually try on shoes they intend to purchase. Tel Avivimg. Ads is a unique digital advertising platform based on images. Open, Customizable and Secure. Collaborative library of knowledge.

Mapping the world with human voices. Tel AvivNavi. For individual artists and music companies. ShapeDo streamlines and automates many of the processes that today you handle manually, reducing costs and timelines for CAD project managers.

Stork01 enables to track ALL your packages from your browser. Focus on Minimizing and Preventing Insider Threats. See it Click it Buy it! Buy from Images! Small to large scale turbines. Aley Zahavcontact for info. Our platform uses the power of the crowdsourcing, coordinates developer's community and allows developers around the world to develop and market their applications to end users similarly to Android Google play and iOS App Store.

You simply need to Ask a question, decide through a Social decision process by chatting and voting, and finally Acting on the result. The platform maximizes ARPU, prevents financial cannibalization, and exposes near real-time campaign results. Save hours of googling and dead-end tutorials by curating and following others' learning paths.

Montclair, NJRealTamir [email protected] powered real estate brokerReal is empowering real estate agents, on our way to becoming America's largest broker. This generates recommendations that truly relate to each customer's motivations, rather than "more of the same" recommendations based on the majority.

Anywhere Anytime, on Any device. TAKO allows you to run fully-functional desktop software on any mobile or tablet device. BYOD best solution! By uniquely capitalizing on potential lost opportunities Roomixer offers vacation rentals the ability to improve customer service, generate an entirely new revenue stream and increase revenue.

The basic idea is that Roomixer is not a competition to giant online travel agencies. We are b2b Vacation Rental marketplace for Turned Away guests. It means that days of the year people who try to book are being turned away. There is no current solution to monetize these hard-earned leads that otherwise are [email protected] visomall. VisoMall is a Virtual, Social online shopping mall network in which you and your friends can enjoy a unique, fun, useful and truly social shopping experience.

This is done through challenging clients to upload videos about the brand, competing for prizes and publishing themselves as cool video uploaders. Askourt significantly improves conversion rates and customer engagement in fashion online retail stores. Our powerful tools transform 'browsers into buyers' and attracts new customers through the buyers social network. HerzliyaE - commerceLink-Big. At the event, the game is synced across a large screen and the guest smartphones, so that everyone participate in real time - without any prior App installation.

Demo account: www. All of this while keeping it light and easy to use by the employess, resselers, etc. Improves adherence through tailored app based care plans. It works on both Android and iOS devices. ShakeCard is a one-stop-shop for all of your personal-network's contacts.

A place where you can meet the people who means the most to you. Peakardo is generating revenue from its SaaS costumer - Israel's largest media and publishing consortium, the Yediot Group, showing great promise and potential and has raised seed capital from Mr. We monitor website from remote and alert whensuspicious malicious activity occurs.

Conflicteam is a useful tool and interface for two parties who are entangled in a financial dispute or some other type of financial conflict. One place where you can get, manage and search all your files and documents from all your applications including Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can swipe your files to the archive after reviewing them, and snooze them to review them later.

Our personalized matching system takes a prospective students information, aspirations, and academic background, connecting them with the universities and scholarships around the world which best match their profile and goals. The toy includes an engaging story about a group of girls who have scientific adventures, and a science kit that allows the girl to practice the same experiments at home.

Has gone through several rounds of testing and preparing for crowdfunding campaign to raise awarenessRehovotwww. We are experts in professional gyms content. And innovative marketing solutions. Looking for investors that are comfortable doing business in emerging markets: Brazil, China, E. Europre, Russia, Africa and S.

According to the Israeli defense system, "DriveWare is strategic for the homeland security of our nation". We have signed up over 20 white label exchange operators. It is the first and only complete end-to-end family real-time alert device that will trigger an alert the second the child is out of the bracelet's range. The main aim of the bracelet is to prevent - : abduction, injury, wandering-off, drowning, forgetting a child in a vehicle. It's working, now help us grow. Understand the current activity and social setting of the user based on proximity patterns to other users using a unique patent pending technology.

It's sort of like combining Delta Miles with Nielsen ratings. A full comprehansive cloud-based solution for mobile and web applications. Currently in stealth mode. HaifaThe MagiCapsuleDr. Yona [email protected] Gaming. Digital health. A Biofeedback game-based mobile service for chronic patients. It develops A social and mobile mini-game monetization product SDK ,That helps engage your audience at the right moments in your app to increase Life time value of users and drive more revenue, without making users exit your app.

OmerProfitable companyMobile MonetizationDealTasYaniv [email protected] cross border shopping easy and affordableRaising K profitable company DealTas provides logistics management resources to meet the worldwide challenges of businesses and individuals. DealTass unique service allows consumers around the globe to establish a virtual address in the United States to shop online retailers and ship their purchases worldwide.

Mobile App. New York. A client who is looking for unique custom design posts a contest with a prize, the designers submit ideas and products, clients are both individuals and companies. We say why limit yourself to the creativity of a single designer when you can benefit from the creativity of many. According to the report, Israel is the "cleantech innovation archetype for embedding entrepreneurial spirit into its educational 11 system and society's everyday norms as well as for predisposing its start-ups to resource innovation.

The cleantech sector is dominated by early-stage companies, with a handful of internationally established commercial brands mostly concentrated in the energy and water sectors. Solar technologies take most of the limelight within the energy sector, and there are a number of prominent start-ups. A notable player in this field is New York Stock Exchange NYSE -traded Ormat, a provider of renewable power solutions that convert low-, medium-, and hightemperature heat into electrical energy.

S-based BrightSource is another company that develops concentrating solar thermal technology to produce high-value steam for the electric power, petroleum, and industrial-process markets. In addition, there are several other Israeli start-up companies in the energy sector that have raised significant levels of funding.

Other notable emerging energy players include CellEra, a company that offers a Platinum-Free Membrane fuel cell power solution as an alternative to lead acid batteries and diesel generator sets; solar thermal collector developer TIGI; and Brenmiller Energy, a provider of modular solar steam generation products. Israel is regarded as a global powerhouse in the development of water efficiency technologies and solutions. Israel is also a pioneer in the drip irrigation field; in fact, two of the world's largest seawater reverse osmosis plants are located in the country.

Israeli companies have been pioneering water-related solutions since the s. Such companies include Amiad Water Systems, which provides filtration solutions to industrial, municipal, and irrigation users. Bermad is a provider of water and other fluid control valves and management systems for the irrigation market, and IDE Technologies specializes in the development, engineering, construction, and operation of desalination and industrial water treatment plants.

Netafim is a provider of drip irrigation solutions. In addition, dozens of Israeli start-up companies are developing water-related technologies, especially in the area of water and wastewater treatment. In addition to developing technology solutions, Israeli IT services companies have been gradually growing and expanding worldwide. Cities as a Growth Engine for Start-Up Ecosystems There has been growing awareness in the global high-tech industry regarding the role of cities in supporting ecosystems for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Urbanization and the increasing mobility of both human and financial capital continue to intensify the density, diversity, and dynamics of urban centers. As a result, these have become more attractive to the creative class and more efficient as petri dishes for ideation, knowledge transfer and collaboration. The recognition by cities of the importance of their role has evolved into increasing competition between them as they look to bolster their position as preferred locations for creative talents and start-up companies from around the world.

As a result, we have witnessed a growing number of tech companies operating outside their home countries over the past decade, supported by incentives from city and state governments and agencies. These companies are relocating based on where they can enjoy access to resources such as talent, community, funding, knowledge, and technological infrastructure, and reap the benefits of an engaging and inspiring urban environment.

In Israel, such city-supported infrastructures exist in multiple places; among them is the broad Tel Aviv-Yafo metropolitan area. Over the past few years, Tel Aviv has consistently ranked among the most innovative cities in the world, as well as one the most attractive tourism destinations. In order to further improve its position as a global high-tech center, Tel Aviv Municipality has been taking strides in encouraging foreign start-ups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of its local start-up ecosystem.

As part of this initiative, the city develops programs for foreign students in more than twenty academic institutions that exist in the metropolis; supports international tech and networking events and conferences in order to increase exposure to talent, capital, and potential markets; facilitates the creation of partnerships between foreign entrepreneurs and the local community; establishes programs to develop Web and mobile applications for interaction with city life, transport, and the municipality; and provides discounts on city taxes for technology companies.

Jnext also provides infrastructure and facilities for high-tech and biomed companies, and facilitates cooperation between companies and academic institutes. The city of Haifa is recognized for hosting world-class academic institutions such as the Technion, which is consistently ranked among the world's top universities in the Shanghai Ranking.

In , the Technion was ranked 18th in the world in computer science and 43rd in engineering. In addition, over the past few years Haifa has become a hub for start-ups and technology transfer and progress. The city of Be'er Sheva is one Israel's emerging technology centers. To encourage high-tech companies to locate in the city, a new Advanced Technologies Park was recently established, enabling resident companies to benefit from an ecosystem that also consists of Israel Defense Forces technology campus, the Ben-Gurion University and the Soroka Medical Center.

The park is also the home for Israel's national cyber headquarters, integrating academic research, government and security agencies, educational platforms and human capital specializing in this field. Resident companies of the Advanced Technologies Park are entitled for city and state incentives, including investment grants, reduced tax rates, property tax discount, and participation in expenses and employment grants.

In addition to Israel's major cities, technology hubs are currently being developed in other areas of the country, such as the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park in the Galilee, which offers financial advantages and tax benefits for resident companies. In addition, the recently launched Israel Initiative aims to develop 7 centers of excellence in the North and South to create a critical mass of high-quality knowledge-based tech jobs.

Each of the centers will undergo an economic development process that will enable the creation of tech jobs and an average of additional jobs generated in related industries, resulting in a total of 15,, new jobs within 10 years. Released in late , ICQ quickly became one of the most popular IM clients in the world, accruing millions of users. In the local online advertising arena, many senior executives and developers in today's promising digital advertising start-ups were involved with Hotbar, a company that developed toolbars and email tools.

In , the company merged with Solutions. Since then, practically every major global Internet and mobile player has established a presence in Israel to benefit from local innovation and talent. Google Israel was founded in , and has spawned numerous products since its establishment.

Google Israel was also behind the development of YouTube annotations. This company operation is just the second of its kind outside the U. Prior to this launch, Facebook picked up local companies Face. Similarly, Yahoo opened a local research center in early Among the prominent Israeli digital media companies, Holdings and Playtech were both founded in the late , and have since become major players in the online gambling industry.

The two companies are also responsible for creating a line of seasoned professionals in the online ads arena. Furthermore, the list of acquirers in these deals includes global names such as Google, Intel, and Facebook, which further underlines the faith these tech bellwethers have in Israeli innovation.

The deal remains one of the largest acquisitions ever of a mobile app company and Google's thirdlargest digital media acquisition to date. Waze is a "crowdsourcing" mobile application designed to provide drivers with an extensive range of real-time road information including traffic flow, road reports, and warnings about where the latest speed traps have been set up on a road.

At the time of the purchase, Waze was one of the most popular navigation apps in the world, with nearly 50 million users in more than countries, and is constantly ranked among the top apps in the navigation category in both the App Store and Google Play. Waze enjoys a vibrant online community that helps edit and manage the app database. At the time of the acquisition in February , Viber reportedly had more than million global users. Formerly known as PageOnce, the targeted company developed a mobile payment app that streamlines the tracking and paying of bills.

The app consolidates multiple credit cards, bank accounts, and targeted bills, enabling users to compare their balance against future commitments. Onvao enables mobile users to save money on mobile data consumption from mobile applications and Web usage. The company developed a cloud-based compression algorithm and a client-side application that help users to control and monitor their data traffic amounts and plan their online behavior accordingly.

Founded in , Fring was one of the early entrants into the mobile VoIP domain. At its inception, the company targeted the consumer market, branding itself as a mobile Internet service and community that lets users engage in free mobile calls, use live chat, and interact with Fring friends as well as Skype and Google Talk users. In addition, the company partnered with hundreds of SIP providers to offer cheap landline and mobile calls.

Yandex is another leading tech vendor that bought itself an Israeli mobile app developer. KitLocate enables its customers to add location awareness features to their iOS and Android apps while keeping battery consumption to a minimum. Even following these mergers and acquisitions, the Israeli mobile app scene still has plenty to offer.

Waze was not the only company dealing with navigation and transportation issues. Moovit, a similar company, can be viewed as Waze for public transportation. The company's app enables its users to find the quickest, most convenient routes in real time across their city's entire transit system while viewing live reports and alerts from relevant users. GetTaxi enables its users to order a taxi with the click of a button, negating the need for a phone call or waiting on the street.

Users can track the upcoming cab on an interactive map and gain miles points for using GetTaxi services that can then be used to get free rides. The service is currently available in Israel, the U. Pango is a mobile app that enables its users to pay by phone for their parking spaces. The solution is used in more than 47 large cities around the world, has more than 1,, pay-by-phone transactions per month, and more than , customers. The success of Instagram and other photo and video-sharing services has not gone unnoticed by Israeli developers that offer a variety of apps in this space.

Mobli is a med-sharing app that enables users to connect with others and share common interests via hashtags and locations in their feeds, while Slidly lets users share photos and videos along with their favorite music. Magisto aims to streamline the video editing process by automatically turning long, boring video clips into short and focused ones.

Glide is an instant video messenger that enables users to chat live, and send and record messages. As videos are not saved on user devices, no additional space is taken on the user phones. NokNok is another chat app with an interesting approach; the app enables users to view how their friends name them on their phone and chat incognito in group chats.

Another successful venture is MyHeritage, a family social network. The site enables its 73 million users to create their own family website, share pictures and videos, organize family events, create family trees, and discover ancestors and long-lost relatives.

Another interesting app developed by Israeli company Gogobot enables tourists to build a recommendation-based itinerary and get reviews and information on interesting sights. It delivers the right apps, contacts, and information to the device home screen, exactly at the right place and time. Do offers a calendar and task management productivity app, and Drippler is a personalized news service.

Other noteworthy apps include Bizzabo, a networking platform for event organizers, and QR code generator Visualead. In the video segment, Kaltura offers an open-source video player that enables the group editing of videos. Available as SaaS or on-premise, Kaltura's offering includes out-of-the-box video management tools and applications, but is also tailored to developers that want to build customized video applications. Stevie, a platform that turns social feeds into broadcast television, creating personal, monetizable entertainment across platforms in the process, is another player competing in this space, as is Interlude, which allows users to create "chooseyour-own-adventure" style interactive videos.

SeekingAlpha is a highly popular Israeli user-generated content UGC website that covers stock market news and provides financial analyses it recently crossed the three million user mark. The service enables investors and industry experts to post their opinions, and currently holds over 7, contributing authors. Another financial-oriented site is eToro, a social trading investment network. FixYa is another player in the UGC segment, providing tech support and offering consumers the ability to learn from the experience of other users on how to operate and fix different products.

PlayBuzz enables publishers, bloggers, and brands to engage users, increase Web traffic, and reach an audience of millions via the free authoring and embedding of playful content. The company states that it reaches over 70 million monthly unique users across 5, global publishers.

Plarium is one of the biggest local gaming studios that develops social, mobile, and browserbased games. TabTale develops mobile games specifically designed for young children. The company has released over apps for children on both iOS and Android devices and has achieved over million downloads to date.

SideKick has vast experience in developing titles for various games platforms such as virtual-reality headsets, Xbox Kinect, motioncontrolled PCs, touchscreen-based kiosks, and phones and tablets. JoyTunes develops a range of educational apps that enable users to learn a musical instrument by combining music methodologies with the latest in gaming features.

According to JoyTunes, its apps have been downloaded by more than three million users, and one million songs are played each week. LuckyFish Games is a social games company that develops social casino games for social 18 networks and mobile devices. On the back-end side, PlayScape formerly known as MoMinis offers a development environment for games optimized for app store distribution and a wide range of Android devices.

The ecommerce opportunity is one that combines the impacts of rapid improvements in technology, globalization, and growth in emerging markets. Players in a position to maximize investments in supporting technologies, such as dedicated marketplaces, payment platforms, and analytics, as well as the infrastructure necessary to gain market share, will be best positioned over the long term.

The foundation of the ecommerce scene in Israel can be traced back to Shopping. Founded in , the company was one of first successful online ventures in Israel, gaining global recognition in after establishing itself as one of the most popular ecommerce websites in North America.

During that year, Shopping. Since then, Israeli ecommerce companies have gained prominence in every segment of the market ecosystem. Several Israeli companies offer marketplaces that are tailored for specific needs and verticals, serving as meeting venues and places to conduct business for consumers and businesses alike.

Fiverr and Eatwith are two marketplaces that support the growing community of freelancers and enable users to generate additional incomes. In early , the company already surpassed three million gigs i. Meanwhile, EatWith is a sort of Airbnb for restaurants. The company developed a platform that connects potential hosts with people who want to come to dine at their homes. The platform is especially appealing to tourists as it enables them to gain an authentic local experience; it also benefits the hosts with secured payments.

Another entity in the food space is Artizone, which is developing an online specialty food shopping community that enables shoppers to purchase products from preferred stores. Another interesting marketplace is Nipendo, which offers a cloud-based platform for buyersupplier collaboration. By enabling real-time invoice approval and reconciliation, Nipendo empowers companies to optimize their working capital positions, accelerate cash conversion cycles, capture a greater portion of available early payment discounts, and provide suppliers with access to a range of supplier financing options.

In recent years, online platforms have enabled users from across the globe to cooperate together in various projects. Crowdfunding i. A couple of Israeli companies are utilizing the crowd concept in their popular marketplaces. OurCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform built exclusively for a selected group of accredited investors to provide VC funding for Israeli and global start-ups.

Pluralis provides online advertisers with a crowdsourcingbased platform for optimizing their website performance. Online businesses can join Pluralis for free, after which they can launch a 'Contest' that alerts the community of creative optimizers about the opportunity to create conversion rate lift and in turn earn a financial reward.

Aspectiva helps its customers boost conversion by providing their website visitors with review summaries and personally-fitted product recommendations based on crowd wisdom. Wage stagnation and the rising cost of living are driving consumers to constantly find new ways of reducing their expenses.

MySupermarket and FeeX are a couple of Israeli companies that leverage these trends by offering advanced comparison tools that aim to give power back to consumers. MySupermarket enables buyers to compare prices and shop online from main U. K and Israeli retailers in one place. At the back end, the company enables manufacturers and retailers to keep track of prices and promotions in real time. FeeX helps its users to find and reduce fees related to individual retirement accounts IRAs , k s, and brokerage accounts.

Users first upload their accounts to an online tool, and FeeX thereafter scans them for different types of fees. Once done, the company suggests different ways to lower the fees. Israeli companies also back retailers and sellers by evaluating a wide variety of analysis, intelligence, and decision-support procedures, as well as by providing essential building blocks for the perfect customer experience. Upstream Commerce provides retail pricing intelligence. As price is usually the most important factor in the buying process, online retailers are in desperate need of pricing intelligence tools that allow them to outline versatile sales strategies.

Upstream Commerce addresses this demand by offering online retailers reports and analysis tools that enable them to obtain near-real-time information on pricing positioning compared with their competitors. FeedVisor provides retailers with the ability to automatically adjust their inventory prices based on the pricing offered by competitors, offering repricing strategies to increase sales, prevent price wars, and optimize profitability. Yotpo provides social reviews for ecommerce websites.

Products reviews have become an indispensable part in creating consumer trust in ecommerce websites as they greatly affect purchasing decisions. By listing trusted reviews, online businesses can increase sales while monitoring customer satisfaction and reducing churn. Another entity in the ecommerce space is SundaySky, a company that enables its customers to automatically generate updated interactive video presentations from text and images.

Digital payments continue to be one of the most interesting areas of financial technology in the modern age as it is undergoing significant transformation due to the emergence of the 3rd 20 Platform. Among the Israeli companies in this space, Credorax provides digital payment processing and acquiring bank services for a diverse range of online merchants, and Zooz aims to shorten the payment process by offering a payment engine that plugs into existing infrastructure and gives companies the flexibility to route between multiple acquirers, ewallets, and currencies to optimize costs and acceptance rates.

Given the increased interest from established players and start-ups in mobile as an enabling technology for payments, mobile payments are gradually becoming a viable option for transactions. One Israeli company in this space is MyCheck, a provider of mobile payment technology to merchants that enables faster turnarounds, higher tips for servers, and more targeted marketing to consumers based on consumption.

At the same time, payment transactions between global companies and freelancers may prove to be cumbersome and unmanageable. Payoneer, an international payout provider that streamlines corporate payout processes by replacing traditional payment vehicles, is a company that addresses this challenge. The company issues branded prepaid debit cards to contractors worldwide that act as an alternative to cash payments where local bank processes and fees are cumbersome.

Bitcoins fill a niche or two in the payment world. For instance, bitcoins offer the anonymity of cash in an electronic form, and the cost of making a transaction is negligible even for very large transactions.

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Product Champion Enablement The platform enables empowering product champions in each of your customer accounts to personalize individual user value goals, going beyond role-based profiles. Champions can also track all user journeys in real time.

Roojoom offers distinctive value in significant and complex journeys, involving many potential objectives to communicate to each customer. AI is used to predict the most impactful actions and messages to present to a customer at a single interaction throughout the journey. Customer Service Journeys Roojoom enables brands to manage end-to-end personal customer services journeys, from issue to resolution. Continuous from start to finish Continuous personal customer journeys from start to finish and across engagement channels optimize the customer experience and any associated business goals such as customer service issue resolution, customer retention and more.

Omni channel multi-session journeys Roojoom Journey Center is where customer journeys that would have been otherwise disjointed, are centrally managed and run as one flow. Auto-generated UX, coding free The platform auto generates the user experience for web-based channels, based on templates and AI predictions of selected content.

Platform operators can leverage preview capabilities to quickly test UX changes and journey edits turnaround is reduced to hours with no developers required. Roojoom Journey Orchestration AI When there are many options and possible permutations for customer engagement or customer service issue resolution — AI outperforms human capabilities of creating journeys logic and executing personalized journeys.

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